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FabricatorContest & Unity Technologies are teaming up for a new bi-monthly Unity “Prefab” based contest called The Fabricator Contest! The contest will be a regular event that will challenge members of the community to show their stuff by creating prefabs based on specific themes, and of course because it’s a contest that means winning entries will earn prizes. What’s more is that all of the project files submitted will be released back to the community, so in the end we think this will result in a lot of awesome new prefab goodness that we can all benefit from. To kick things off we’re challenging folks to create and submit their best flame thrower, and for the winning effort we’re offering two (2) tickets to Unite 2010, an $800 value. So bring the heat and show us what you’ve got! For more information about the contest, including a full set of dates/deadlines and contest rules, please check out the contest page over at

The Fabricator Contest

Please be sure to also keep an eye on the blogs as well for contest updates and information, starting with their matching announcement post:

Introducing The Fabricator Contest!

Thanks and good luck to all that enter!

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Hey guys,

The publicly available source-code for the flamethrower contest entries are no longer available at muse and I can’t find it in the asset store. Does anyone have any information on where they’re located?


unityprefabs don’t accept our prefabs. i don’t want to buy prefabs but i love to sell them. :)
“We’re well aware that there’s competition out there and I don’t think there’s a single person at Unity Tech that’s ready to kick back and rest on laurels, so we’re going to keep at it with all our might!

I know you guys but because there is no roadmap, we can not know what parts of the engine you are working on. surely some of them should remain untold and at this time you are just working on 3.0 features but i am afraid. in last unites you all said that we try to do the client side well but i think at this time it’s not the best strategy. surely thre are much more cleaver guys there.
hopefully a roadmap or some clearifications soon will help to understand the situation well.
you did great moves. now we can have components in external assemblies wich is really usefull for patches. if asset bundles could package prefabs with their code it would be perfect but even for this new feature there is not any documentation. just the feedback ticket’s status is changed. as you all know, the future is in all devices and in online/social gaming.

thank you. we installed the beta on another system and currently use 2.6.1 free for our real productions and just sometimes test beta features. so if i turn that computer again i can see the update in unity. i thought that all new betas will come as emails. you are fixing bugs in a great speed.
other engines are comming to your web browser social game space and it’s good and bad. monumental’s prime and rocket engine (it’s 2D) has client / server side tech for MMO building and other engines are adding web plugins or just added them. (i.e torque, vision engine)
hopefully your next move as always is the smartest move in industry and solve all unity’s difficulties for building persistent worlds easier and without special coding of low level serverside modules. i should close my big mouth

@ashkan: “we” is who? As far as I know, beta 7 came out for both beta testers & preorder customers. If you start your Unity editor that’s older than beta 7, it should popup an update notification pointing to the download location.

[…] zwei Monate wollen und Unity gemeinsam einen sogenannten Fabrictor Contest ausrufen, der sich um die Erstellung von Prefabs dreht. Jedes Mal wird ein anderes Thema ausgerufen […]

lol.. South African summer is just starting, you can use that if you like :P
.. actually, no! I want me Unity 3.

I strongly suspect that they are having some licensing issues suddenly with Autodesk about the Turtle rendering and light-baking technology.
Remember,Autodesk bought the Turtle technology from Illuminate Labs a short while ago.

@Nathali: stop the doomsday theories, we don’t have any licensing issues whatsoever :)

@Jason, @Herald, @Jason, @Nathali: we’re working hard to finish 3.0 and ship it. We shipped beta 7 just a week ago (release notes here), and ironing our the remaining issues until it’s shippable quality.

It’s sad that we didn’t make it to european “summer” definition, but Wikipedia says that in United States “summer” lasts until September 22 ;)

This is a great idea, but it almost seems like it would be better to wait until after Unity 3 is out before starting this to make sure all prefabs are compatible with the new software, just to prevent having to re-write code for several prefabs, and also to know our new polygon and texture limits. Also, Summer 2010 is pretty much over now, so do you happen to know how much longer Unity 3 will be “Coming Soon?”
Getting anxious. :)

This is a great idea. I am curious though, is the rotations for pitch and rotate messed up on purpose? I know the pitch and rotate work, but the pivot is messed up as you rotate in the x axis. Your pitch and rotate objects are separate and therefore not interacting correctly with one another. To fix it I just made the pitch object a child of the rotate object.

If this was intended as a problem solving exercise I apologize for making it public.


it’s a great idea. when we see a shop for scripts and prefabs in unity’s website or any other site? most developers are interested in buying and selling content. we are a huge community and many of us are not programmers and really can benifit from it.

Nice! This will surely bring more awesomeness to unity developers!

I’m no good making good flamethrowers though (already tried it) so I’ll just wait for the next contest!

[…] Head over to to download the contest project file and get cranking! Check out Unity’s blog for their coverage as well! Both ourselves and Unity cannot wait to see what you guys come up with. Good luck! Full Press […]

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