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Every year Unite is the event that the whole growing company looks forwards to, crunches to make awesome, and finally gathers at – this is literally the only time every year that brings together everyone from our 5 offices and some 7 satellite locations.

This year’s Unite 2010 is less than two days away, and I can’t wait to see those of you who’re attending in Montreal! This will be our biggest and baddest conference so far, with some 600 of the coolest people from the Unity universe coming together for the usual three intense days of learning, sharing, and partying (in awesome Montreal, but that’s secondary).

We’re all but sold out, but we’ve worked hard to expand capacity, so you can still make it if you hurry – and don’t miss the sweet hotel deal too! More info and booking here.

The program contains over 25 sessions with over 50 speakers, including some of our top engineers and community experts; the Unity Awards will feature some of the best content created with Unity; the business speed dating aims to connect developers and opportunities; and much more! And of course, there will be a huge big party Thursday night!

If you can’t attend the event, you can still be a part of Unite 2010 experience by viewing our keynote, where renowned visionary and game designer (and Unity developer) Jesse Schell will be this year’s guest speaker. The keynote will be streamed live at 10am EST (GMT-5) on our front-page. We got some pretty wild announcements to share, so stay tuned!

View the keynote here! (but not until Wednesday)

Finally I wanted to give special thanks to our sponsors, including Intel, NVidia, Design3, Electrotank, Exit Games, Mixamo, and the Panasonic Cloud Entertainment Company – it’s really important for us to have good friends that support the cause.

7 replies on “Unite 2010 is upon us!”

Have fun all you lucky people who get to go! How about holding a Unite in Europe next year ;)

Boarding the plane to Montreal in 5 hrs, can’t wait!! As a bonus it will be warmer in Montreal than here (Calgary) this week.

Hi David,

I am a (or rather was a) Flash Developer, but after I had my hands on Unity, I totally switched to Unity 3D and my life has become awesome. I never thought, I could afford developing a 3D game, but you made it possible for us.

No need to say all the best for Unite, as you already are a rocker. I would like to see a movie based on your life just like ‘The Social Network’, the name could be ‘The Collar up magician’ :p

Keep up the great work.


Looking forward to the live stream at least! :)
Have a blast in Montreal!

– Tadej

At least once in my life I would like to attend a unity Conference,
This piece of software have literally change my life and aspirations.
I will definitely watch the streamed life.
Long life to Unity3 and all his crew.

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