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Yay, finally another Blog entry from me :)

Wow, 2010 is almost over? What happened to the hoverboards, shiny tin foil jumpsuits and the zombie apocalypse? So I suppose I’ll have to wait a little longer for all that fun. In the meantime we have to make our own!.

To that end, we are running a cool competition on the lead up to the new year. The premise is simple: Tell us via the medium of twitter, using the #unity3d hash tag, what you want to create with Unity in 2011. In return we take the most awesome, ambitious, interesting and down right cool plan each week and give that person a Pro License.

A chance at getting a Pro License in return for a few words on the cool project you want to work on, pretty sweet deal no?

So for example:

“In 2011 I will make a hoverboarding game #unity3d”
“In 2011 I will take my indie game, and push it to the next level with pro #unity3d”
“In 2011 I will make a game that sends cake to Unity HQ #unity3d”

Ok, so those examples aren’t amazing but you get the idea. Be sure to use that precious letter count to the best of your ability! And above all.. get creative!

Full details on the competition, along with our winning list can be found right here at:

33 replies on “What Will You Create With Unity in 2011?”

I’m convinced I’ve worked out the secret for videogame, and although someone would have thought of it already and made a fortune I’m not deterred.

I plan on making a multiplayer FPS with a team of my friends and adding a hell of a lot of explosions. WHY, because with Unity I can. It will be brilliant.

Our small indie team of friends will use Unity to create a proof of concept/Alpha of our Epic 4 person co-op 3D Open Space Galaxy Hybrid for the PC!

Unity has inspired us to finally realize the crazy whims of our twisted imaginations. With Unity we can very quickly take one of these ideas and see it functionally implemented within days!

Our biggest challenges in 2011:
1. Define: (i) World, (ii) System, (iii) Content, (iv) Writing, (v) Levels (vi) UI
2. Finalize 2011 timeline with deliverables based on above
3. Implement all of (1.) at a functional high level
4. Getting some sleep

Our thanks to WikipediA
(i) World design
World design is the creation of a backstory, setting, and theme for the game; often done by a lead designer.

(ii) System design
System design is the creation of game rules and underlying mathematical patterns.

(iii) Content design
Content design is the creation of characters, items, puzzles, and missions.

(iv) Game writing
Game writing involves writing dialogue, text, and story.

(v) Level design
Level design is the construction of world levels and its features.

(vi) User interface design

@Dan Yang:

You know, considering how fragmented the hardware on the Android platform is, and the fact that Unit Android is still a beta, the fact that it works at all on the lower end devices is stunning to me. Your issues are mostly hardware related; you need to pick a low end target (OS and hardware), design for that platform, and then you will find that you are more satisfied with the results. We do this on iOS too; our current work targets 3Gs and newer devices, running iOS 4 at a minimum, that way we have a baseline device for performance testing, and will know anything newer will just run the game with higher FPS.

I only know, today, that your software for ANDROID isn’t even officially ready yet, but we’ve developed world’s first game series based on your Unity platform – for BABIES! If I knew it I would have asked our developers doing something else. It was lots of problems, either we loose audio or we loose frames when running on different hardware. You guys need to work harder, not just integrate on CPUs such as Samsung, Freescale, etc but also look at Asian chip vendors (Koreans and Chinese) for example Telechip, Rockchip which are lower end but they are shipping millions of Android devices due to lower cost.

And again we work for babies, to inspire their genius through engaging games story books and music video. We are talking about designing inspiring games for the future president of United States or future CEO of General Electric or future Nobel Prize winners etc. So, get to work and get us something really less trouble than we had this year.

I think you just tweet once per contest. I’m wondering when the results will be announced? I keep checking it each day ;-)

In 2011 I will complete a full web-based app for astrophysical entities 3D simulation consisting on data/calculations input/output to .NET backend for comparing data collection samples among teams.

I will state the obvious: I will a game TO CONQUER THE WORLD!

BWAHAHA…ahem, oh, and of course it will be a very unique-genre game, like my last bobsleigh game or my kite simulator ;)

I will make a cooperative WW2 shooter that will follow German famous battles. The ultimate plan is to make options to select amoung famous Axis armies (Grosdeuchland, Waffen SS, parachute division etc.) but for the start i’ll have to choose only one (probably SS, but i still have to reconsider this). Since this is very optimistical for 3 men project, I’ll make a one level demo ( Monte Casino battle – this is half complete ) and show it to community to judge it. I belive that i’m capable to make UT3 level of visuals, but we’ll wait and see. Cheers.

I am currently working on an homage to one of the best, and most underrated series of games, Panzer Dragoon. Wonderful gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a solid story; if it had been released on the PS1 instead of the Sega Saturn, I am sure it would have fared better. The gameplay, so far, has translated well to iOS, now to add my personal flourishes to take it to the next level.

We are going to finish our moto racing game better than Moto GP , we buy he standard version but we hope to win the Pro version to use the full power of Unity PRO …. thanks for the chance to win

@NhimGames: A game that expresses our cultural identity, tells our granfather’s big personality, makes us independent. 2011: A #Unity3d Odyssey!

Medical applications all the way…
It’s gonna be a series of tests and training applications for people with severe brain injuries. Particularily, I’m training memory, attention and spatial orientation with patients with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, brain tumors and such. Without Unity I would have not been able to push my dissertation so far. Thanks for a great 2010, Unity! 2011 is gonna rock (if my examiners share my enthusiasm).

I will make a video game in which the best in visual and gameplay technology can be seen.It will surely “wooow” the world when they see and play it.
It will put a smile on people their face and yet make them cry out of happiness at the same time.
And when people ask me what the name of this video game is,then I surely will tell them: “This amazing creation is called,…UNITY”.

“In 2011 I will make a game that is equal parts art installation, cooperative roleplaying and physical gaming.” And yes, I love Unity but the Free version is getting a bit light with what I’d like to do.

I will congratulate Unity on once again super-supporting it’s community and encouraging the use of its awesome product to change the world.

I will be developing a world of chaos in which players will battle for control of virtual kingdoms granting them enhanced abilities for their efforts. Players will be able to setup trade routes with NPC cities for income and each kingdom will have automated defenses such as Undead, Trolls, Giants and even Dragons.

Castles will also have dungeons and traps to help protect it but there will also be a way to take it over. There will be player housing, dungeon crawling, a portal system for travel. Kingdoms will be above ground, under ground and floating in the skies above. There will be auctioning, crafting, and will be a skills based system.

So even if you don’t want to partake in kingdom capturing there will be plenty for you to do! Yes it will be multiplayer but is not an MMO as the majority of the action will take place solo. Trust me when I say what I have in store for you is going to be a ton of fun for all!!

Oh shit.. We aren’t in a zombie apocalypse? Who are all those people I’ve been killing?! How about “How to kill a meth-head.” One of those fast paced “zombie” games.

I have done it…

“In 2011 I will learning as much as I can about the Unity engine, to make my games as good as possible! #unity3d”

Hope I win a copy… im only 15 and cant afford a copy!… what a amazing xmas prezzie that would be!

140 chars is really not enough to tell everything. I had to skip “procedurally generated”, “autonomous NPCs with advanced AI” and “freeform building” to make it fit.

My intention is to create a survival based game at first with an Ocarina of Time and Uncharted like game-play.

An RPG game I have in early concepts after my survival game will be aimed to re-invent and hopefully change the game industry or try to get a place in its own original form… I want to make games that have compelling story-lines, acting, game-play and matches up to the fate Ocarina of Time faced and is hailed as one of the greatest games of all time.

For a long time now I have had problems making a game until I found Unity by chance, hopefully Unity will allow me to create original, compelling and deeply moving games that may change the industry and how we perceive games.

So until then, hopefully you people allowing me to make my dreams come true as a game artist (or developer) will be awed and amazed at my creativity once I have some playable demos or even games released :3

I will make a dragonballz based single/multi player game for pc with my team just like tenkaichi series for ps2. Already started working on it :P

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