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Do you want your awesome demo video shine at the Unity GDC booth? Well, that’s easy if…

  1. You made a good looking game with Unity for any platform;
  2. You have a high quality game video that you share with us;
  3. You don’t mind that we only use the video fragments we like best.

For reference, here is the video that we assembled last spring:

If you can help us out and are interested in the opportunity to see your game at the Unity booth, post a link to your video in the comments. We’ll contact you for more details if we are able to use it.

Oh, and the timing…

We’ve started working on our GDC showreel, so early submitters have a much higher chance to see their videos added to the reel.

Thanks in advance!

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game reviews…

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Mass Mayhem 3 released…

You will also have secret areas to explore and some fun bonus material to unlock. Massive Mayhem 3 has been……

Hi, the videos I posted here have been moved, and here are the new URLs.

So, again, we made three projects for the 50th International Automobile Trade Show last October 2010 in Brazil.

There are two games:

– FIAT Uno Stereoscopic Arcade Racing Simulator

– FIAT Uno Color Race for iPad

And one 3D realtime car visualization and interaction:

– FIAT Mio Interactive Totem with Touchscreen Interaction


Long live, Unity!

Estoril är bara några av de pärlor som finns i Portugal. Klart att rekommendera för vår semestern.

Here is a little trailer we made specially for you guys. Strategy MMO game Iron Grip Marauders which runs completely in your browser in Unity.
I have also uploaded the clip in Full HD on a server. Just drop me an email and I will send you the link.

Hey Oleg, I somehow can not post here anything. Tried to post a link to our video but it doesn’t appear on the page.

I hope that the new video will have a slightly more exciting music with more variation syncronized with the video. Nothing against this style of music but in some places it doesn’t fit the video material at all.


2 more cute videos of games developed and published with Unity.

“Copa Placar” is a unique and entertaining soccer game with incredible 3D graphics, premiere soundtrack and sound effects, simple and intuitive gameplay, especially designed for iPhone, iPad and Web Browser, providing a fantastic soccer experience.

“FIAT Uno Color Race” is a 3D racing game with stunning graphics. You major objective is to perform a real twist in the city and paint it just the way you like!
Amongst its main influences are classics like De Blob, Q*Bert, Pacman, Qix, and lots of racing games. The focus of this game is pure entertainment.


I would say one of the best selling points about Unity is it’s ease of use. Only with Unity could we create this acknowledged 2011 Global Game Jam experience. See the website with video here:

Unity is the only engine to pump quality like this out in 48 hours!

how do you guys capture videos of IOS/android games?
what about pc/mac games?
using programs like camstudio and camtasia studio don’t help much, does it?
i only can imagine capturing with another computer using a capture card or using the unity to capture images and then create movies out of them. surely a fixed deltatime should be used for this to work but what you really use?

any help is appreciated much

Buddy Rush

Buddy Rush is Role-playing game for Facebook with social gaming features and cross-platform synchronization on the iPhone. It’s going to be launched on February 9th in Facebook and Appstore.(iPad and Android coming soon)

Just in case you would like to show augmented reality in you compilation, here is a demo that XYcubed and Mobilistar created using Unity3D and Qualcomm’s QCAR technology. The app identifies a CD cover (Abbey Road in this case) and launches an interactive 3D stage with the Beatles standing in their famous pose.

Drop me a note and I’ll send you the .apk for Android.

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