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We launched Unity Asset Store during the Unite keynote on November 10th and to celebrate our 3 months anniversary and over 10,000 registered users, we’ve made a small but important addition to the store. You can now create links to packages in the store and post them on the web.

Creating the links is simple. Open the Asset Store window inside Unity and find the package you want to link to, then click on one of the three sharing buttons. The Facebook and Twitter buttons require little explanation. Simply click on one of them to blast a message to your favorite social network. The link button on the left can be used in case you simply want the raw URL for your website or anywhere you can post a link.

We think this is a great way for developers to promote and create interest around their products. It will also be extremely useful for sharing recommendations with others. For instance, here’s a list of the top 5 most downloaded packages on the Asset Store this week:

  1. iTween Visual Editor By David Koontz
  2. iTween By Pixelplacement
  3. C# game examples By M2H
  4. Road and Path Tool By Six Times Nothing
  5. River Tool By Six Times Nothing


Note that you need to have Unity 3.2 installed in order to open the Asset Store from these links. Upgrade or install it now if you haven’t already done so.

9 replies on “Linking to the Asset Store”

Would be nice to see the rating, file size, package version, minimum version of Unity required, and screenshots in the web page link in addition to the suggested display of price.

Thanks, I love it!
The last feature I dare to ask for is reporting/stats on packages. I have no clue how they are received.
Rock on :)

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