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The Ninjas have assembled and we’ve all been hard at work this week.  We’re surprisingly tired at this point, but all sorts of cool things are popping up around the office.

For our NinjaCamp project, Levi, Vytautas, and I (Na’Tosha) decided to pursue our passion for GNU/Linux — we thought we would invest our time into getting a web player up and running on an Ubuntu workstation.  It’s turned out to be quite the endeavor, but, after a few days of poring through the Mozilla Developer’s Reference, the OpenGL documentation, the X11 documentation, and countless stacktraces (not to mention pouring ourselves dozens of caffeinated beverages), we do have something to show for our efforts:


Our Demo shown at GDC running in Firefox 4.0 on Ubuntu 10.10.

Our Demo shown at GDC running in Firefox 4.0 on Ubuntu 10.10.


Despite the fact that Firefox 4.0 has not been released yet, we chose to use 4.0 and leverage some goodies from the new API.

It’s completely unpolished – we can’t even reload the unity engine in the same browser instance, and it of course lacks niceties like a splash screen, etc.  Although it is just a demonstration that we put together in a week, and it is not an official Unity project, all in all, we’re quite proud of ourselves.

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YEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unity runs through wine if you use a windows browser likewise through wine. I highly recommend firefox. IT WORKS!!! Still, keep on working unity. Give me unity for linux,

Hey I saw a comment about unity in wine…I’ve tried it. While it will install, browsers don’t know to go through wine to get to the application. Now…if you were to install both a windows browser and unity…that might work if you use the windows browser. On the other hand unity won’t work by itself on wine so KEEP WORKING PEOPLE!! Unity on linux would be spectacular don’t give up!

A dev team is usually most comfortable on linux, so for me a difficult to install, slightly buggy linux editor version would make unity an easy decision for my game project.

Though, there’s a chance I might make the switch to unity even if there’s a well grounded promise for a ubuntu-compatible unity player in 6-8 months, not unlike the one demoed here.

Sure would like to see Unity and the Unity based games in the Ubuntu Software Center….I’ll help you package it up!!! Hit me up!

I’m very excited to see unity come out for linux. I think it will be a great way to spread unity. Although not as many end users use linux many programmers and devs do, so this will definitely help unity to grow and develop.

Waiting patiently, but hopefuly

This is something I rly hope continues. Its just what Linux needs(A cool game engine). I was considering getting my mom(yes her) a computer with Windows7 on it (she uses Ubuntu 10.10), just so she could run the cool stuff my brother & I are soon to make with Unity3D.

Ive made the startings of a cross platform 3d engine using Mono/.NET on Linux, Mac, Windows, xbox, Android & iPhone…(WP7 kinda). So I have to say I relate to the pain of making all the API’s usable under one roof(A fun pain in the but[that didn’t sound right]).
Excellent job though!!, I really hope there is a push for this to become a reality in the not to distant future. :)

Hi Guys,

There is nowhere to download this version, but I glad to see so much interest. It certainly does not “do what it should” and is nowhere near a releasable state :-) But if it does ever get to that point, then I promise you will be the first to know (well, second after us!)


Why not to work more tightly with game developers? For example bigpoint and gameforge. I’m sure, they would be really interested in Linux market.

Is there any link where we can get this beta/alpha version? any date for a public beta phase on the linux version?

Thanks :)

I’m with CosmicRabbit, adding Linux support for the editor would be great. Also worth noting, although perhaps a little off-topic is that regular Windows .exe builds seem to run in Linux if the user simply has WINE installed (just double click the file).

Guys, I just want to join the chorus of thankful users-to-be of your linux webplayer.
Specially having in account the growing userbase of distros like Ubuntu, it only makes sense to have something like this released officially. As for the editor, it would be nice to have a Linux version as well, but the first priority is really the webplayer.

Thanks for your excellent work!

As an active beta tester and bug reporter of various virtual environment platforms, I’m delighted and find this very encouraging.

I use Linux so I didn’t got much interested in Unity until now, but this may change if a first (even partial) native Linux support was created.

Keep up the good work!

Hi guys — may I suggest taking the path-finding solution conversation to the forums where it belongs?


Any idea when you’re going to release the GDC demo? It looked pretty nice on the floor.

I am really looking forward to this. One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard since switching from a Flash client to a Unity client was that we had to leave our Linux users out to dry :( This will make many of our users very happy.

Ahh, you’re right. Firefox 4 was in fact released 2 days ago. However we started on Monday, so we downloaded a beta ;-)


Good job everyone! keep it going! I know all of the brilliant minds there will get this working perfect!

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