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Joe Robins spent a few minutes checking out the coolness Shawn and Jens have been busy with over the last few days. Vertex Color Painting!


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So, what happens when you edit the mesh in the modeling app, after you’ve edited vert colors on its instances in Unity?

And what about hard edges / edge masking? I assume that’s not part of this, if you’re working with instanced mesh data, but if you are, then that editing thing is going to cause a problem. I’m very confused about how you could implement this into the FBX workflow.

nice, looks like my thing but only on vertex colors :) mine is using a other texture for the blend :)
Good stuff

[…] quick demonstration from Unity’s Ninja Camp III, where they are showing off vertex painting right in Unity 3D. […]

@Amo Although a very impressive looking tool. That is very different that vertex color painting. That tool is painting onto texture maps and using those textures for blending, much like the built-in terrain works now with splatmaps.

However, vertex painting has indeed already been done by the community:

But, there is a difference between having a community maintained editor script and having a native feature officially supported directly in Unity.

We really could use this on our current project.. When do you anticipate this feature being added to Unity3d? Thanks!

@Aras: Ahhh, yes, I knew that. Not sure what I was thinking of, maybe instancing. Thanks for clearing that up for me. This will be a very nice addition, can’t wait to play with it.

@Niosop: they can be both statically & dynamically batched. Both types of batching produce a larger vertex buffer from the input meshes (so various different vertex buffers can come in). The key is that material, lighting and any other shader parameters are the same — but mesh data can vary.

Are you sure it will be batched? You’re modifying the mesh data, can it batch with different vertex colors? I thought only the transform (position, scale, rotation) could be changed and still be able to batch.

@ first I said paining red and green, so I wanted to close the video.But then, I was astonished and dazzled with how easy and effective way it is.

Thank you very much :)

This will make a HUGE difference in improving visual quality while at the same time not killing performance. So sweet! Really impressed with what you guys have managed to grind out so far – and looking forward to whatever new candy you can give us :) Kudos to Unity for giving the developers the latitude and time to make this stuff happen!

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