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NinjaCamp ninjas are busy working on small, large and almost impossible projects. This one is tiny in comparison, but should be pretty useful.

We’re adding a context menu item in the asset window to “Filter References in Scene”. Selecting it will apply a filter to your hierarchy window to find all GameObjects or their children that reference the selected asset.

Context Menu

Alternatively the filter can be specified manually by using the “ref:ASSET PATH” syntax.

Filtered Results

With two days of NinjaCamp to go we expect to finish the “Filter References in Project” option too. It will help you find other assets (prefabs, scenes) that use the selected asset.

Take care, Uniteers!

21 replies on “NinjaCamp III: What references your assets?”

What happens if I select a base class ? Does it find scene objects with classes that inherit from it ?

I’d suggest using the more common term – dependencies. So it could be called “List Dependencies” or “Highlight Dependencies”.

This will be extremely useful! It’s one of the features I frequently wish Unity had while working with Unity.

That is indeed a great idea! I’ve been finding myself in need for such a feature many times :)

@JoeW: you can do that. Press the little triangle icon, select Type and enter “Material” or “Texture2D” for example. Or as a shortcut, just enter “t:Material” in the field.
In the Hierarchy View it’s the same. Want to find all cameras in the scene? Type “t:Camera” in the field.

This looks very useful! More filtering tools are always welcome.

Something that I’d like to see that’s closely related to this is a drop-down Filter-by-Type menu in the Project and Hierarchy windows – so that, for instance, I could just show all the materials, or, just the lights in a scene, etc.

Can’t say how happy I am to see this! Drives me nuts when I’m trying to clean out old project assets, and I’m not sure what’s still referencing content I want to delete.

Awesome, this could’ve saved me some time yesterday to explain why certain (huge) assets were included in builds.
Thanks in forward for this big time saver!

Nice. I had been wanting the “See what gameobjects use this script” feature

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