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In Unity 4 we are offering you the chance to start working with some of the advanced features made possible by DirectX 11. In this video, Renaldas Zioma talks you through some of the cool effects possible with DirectX 11 support.

When Unity 4 is ready we’ll be providing some examples of how to get these effects via packages on the Asset Store, so you’ll be able to get great effects for your Windows published titles too.

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Thank you for the answer Aras.
I’ve seen how it works in the UNIGINE demo (if it’s not good to mention another engine here, just delete the post and sorry) and what impressed me is that an artist can *finally* create detailed believable environments and *finally* have some GOOD rocks and stones and all that stuff in between the FLAT and the 10 CM RELIEF where normal maps can’t help you efficiently.
Of course adaptive tesselation is necessary to have it working for the environment… I really hope you’ll manage to put it in.
Sure, with LODs you can cover up every situation I guess… but they are a time consuming nonsense when this technology is live.

@Marco: yes, in a sense that “you can write tessellation shaders”, and “we’ll be providing several example shaders”. But keep in mind that DX11 GPU tessellation is _not_ the usual subdivision surfaces you’re used to in 3D modeling apps; and that tessellation has a bunch of issues on it’s own (possible cracks on seams; polygon density issues if not using adaptive tessellation; polygon crawling issues if using adaptive tessellation etc.).

But the short answer is “yes” I guess ;)

Will there be real time tesselation?
That would be great and very very useful for artist making levels, architecture etc.

Aras is right… Already talking in DX12?? Even Microsoft doesn’t know anything about that :)

@jakeliu: I mean, that DX12 does not exist. Also, there’s exactly zero public knowledge of UDK4 at this point as well (we don’t even know if it’s in the works – all that’s been shows in Unreal4, and that is all DX11 based). I think no one outside of Microsoft knows whether DX12 will exist at all, or when.

what do you mean, I would just like to know is it going to include it in 4.5 or 5.X. Unity is much easier to create game then UDK (more focus on 1st person). you know time move so fast, by the end of next year or 2014 some major graphic update is coming out by that time. (PS3 or next Xbox)

long as I don’t have to create low poly model for everything that would be great :)

I’m really interested in the hair and lighting stuff. Would be great to get more info on that.

Dx11, honestly I cant wait to be working in an engine with this sort of capability again. Thanks Unity!

@Pete Not Windows Phone 7 because it’s an extremely limited platform. I have, however, asked Unity if they were interested in WP8 and they said they were very interested (never ask people direct questions, NDA). So yes, I do think a Windows Phone 8 port is a good possibility.

Was hoping for a good looking demo that really showed what Unity should be capable of. Considering it has full shader model 5 support now, it should be 100% capable of what Unreal’s Samaritan demo showed and maybe even what Squeenix showed at E3.

Nice looking stuff!Congratulation for the acheivement.
Most of them aren’t new for me because i saw the NVIDIA’s presentation slides for the GDC however. Really great possibilities are available with huge amount of particles and all direct compute related stuff, Will we have materials with more realistic lighting models and APEX related hair/cloth and destructable uobject support from NVIDIAin this first 4x release too?
@Pete@JpPlee Supporting DX11 is a huge step for supporting WinRT and WP8 butimplementing the whole Input and other OS related stuff in WinRT is not a simple task done in few ways. When WP7 showd to be silverlight and XNA only i knew that it will not be supported unless it becomes hugely popular. However WinRT has two motivations, windows store and WP8 and main parts of the stuff are done so i think we might see it months after first release or it might be announced in unite itself.
UT Sorry if i’m revealing unite secrets. :) just trying to foresee the future.

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