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After months of development and testing, Unity 4.2 is here and ready for you to use.

As well as a host of new and exciting features, the latest version of the 4.x cycle introduces a number of important licensing changes, all designed to make as many great Unity features available to as many people as possible. Let’s quickly review the goodies that Unity 4.2 brings to the world.

New platforms

Unity 4.2 comes with three new platforms: Windows Phone 8, Windows Store apps and BlackBerry 10. That’s right, we’ve doubled the number of mobile platforms Unity supports! Now it’s up to you guys to create new games and port existing titles to these platforms so even more people can benefit from your creative talents.

In Unity 4.2, all users of the free version of Unity can publish to any mobile platform they wish, be it Windows Phone 8, Windows Store, iOS, Android or BlackBerry 10 without it costing a dime (as long as they adhere to the terms of our EULA). In addition, Unity Pro users can use the Windows Store Pro deployment option (which includes the Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store apps platforms) absolutely free of charge to deploy their Unity Pro content.

Plus, Unity Pro users can benefit from advanced Unity features when deploying their iOS, Android or BlackBerry 10 projects by purchasing Unity iOS Pro, Android Pro or BlackBerry 10 Pro Add-On products from the Unity Store.


More free tech

We’ve decided to make a number of existing Unity Pro features available to users of the free version of Unity:

  • Realtime shadows (one-directional light only; hard shadows only).
  • Text-based serialization of materials, prefabs, scenes etc. for easier version control.
  • NavMesh baking (OffMeshLinks still require Pro).

Now, games created using the free version of Unity can benefit from realtime shadows and game actors navigating intelligently. In addition, as a developer using the free version of Unity you can cooperate with your colleagues using any version control system, because text-based serialization no longer requires a Unity Pro license.

Features and changes

So, what great new features does Unity 4.2 have to offer? Let’s take a high-level overview:


  • OpenGL ES 3.0 support for Android:
    • ES3 has nicer shadow filtering, ETC2 texture compression, GPU skinning via transform feedback, HDR rendering, multiple render targets, derivative instructions in shaders etc.
    • Requires an ES3-compatible GPU, for example Qualcomm Adreno 3xx or ARM Mali T6xx.
    • Note that the official Android version does not support ES3 yet. So to test it you should install ES3 drivers directly from the GPU makers (e.g. Qualcomm).
  • GPU Skinning (requires Unity Pro)
    • Completely automatic, no custom shaders needed.
    • Works on DirectX 11 (via stream-out), OpenGL ES 3.0 (via transform feedback) and Xbox 360 (via memexport). Other platforms will continue to use CPU skinning.
  • Optimized and updated Image Effects
  • Stencil buffer access (requires Unity Pro). Shaders can define stencil buffer operations, for optimizations or special effects.
  • Static & dynamic batching for shadow casters & shadow collector pass. Note: many shadow casters can be batched even if they use different materials! They will be batched as long as the actual shadow caster shader & material properties affecting them are the same.
  • Shuriken Collision Event Callback Scripting Interface: Efficient callbacks on GameObjects and Particle Systems are issued when Shuriken particle collisions occur. Per particle callback data includes collision positions, incident velocities, surface normals and Collider references. Use this feature to can cause damage to GameObjects and apply forces to rigidbodies.


  • Integrated version control support for Perforce.
    • Perform common Perforce operations right inside the Unity editor (requires a Team License).
    • We’ve made the integrated version control system extensible; support for more VCS will be coming later. Or you can write your own VCS plugin, see our plugin page on github.
  • Platform switching, player building and asset importing can now be cancelled! How cool is that?
  • Custom Game View resolutions and aspect ratios: Custom settings are saved per project for easy sharing through version control (ProjectSettings/GameViewSizes.asset).
  • Preset Libraries: Create new libraries either as personal libraries (saved in preferences) or shared libraries (saved in the project folder). You can now save the following types as presets:
    • Curves in the Curve Editor and Particle System Curve Editor.
    • Gradients in the Gradient Editor.
    • Colors in the Color Picker.
  • Memory Profiler: Now shows objects’ references to other loaded objects. This can help pinpoint why a given object is in memory.
  • Shader Importer: now with default textures specified. When you initially set a shader on a material or reset a material the textures will be set to these default textures.
  • Texture Importer: The new Alpha is Transparency setting performs color dilation to fix edge artifacts on semi-transparent textures. It is enabled by default for GUI textures.
  • Editor extensions can now get a callback when Unity is about to open an asset. Use this callback to open an asset inside Unity before it’s opened in an external tool. Decorate a static method with the attribute UnityEditor.Callbacks.OnOpenAsset.


  • Deferred Lighting is now enabled on Android and iOS.
  • Android: Added support for Android Library Projects (no compilation support, so the libraries have to be pre-compiled).
  • Android: AndroidJavaProxy – Support for implementing Java interfaces in C#.
  • Android: The editor can now update the Android SDK if it does not match the required dependencies.
  • iOS: Added CrashReporter API for crash detection and extraction (requires Unity Pro).
  • iOS: Set up iOS Player Settings and texture import overrides and build iOS AssetBundles from the Windows Editor. Building an actual iOS player still requires Mac OS X & Xcode.
  • Editor: When in mobile graphics emulation mode, the editor will show a warning when RenderTexture usage is not optimal for tile-based or multi-GPU systems.


  • Added Bypass Listener and Bypass Reverb Zones. Use these features to turn off listener effects independently from the effects on the audio source. Thus, Bypass Effects only turns off the effects on the AudioSource, and the 3 flags can be combined freely.
  • Added Disable Audio property in Audio project settings to deactivate the audio system in standalone builds. Note that this also affects the audio of MovieTextures. In the editor the audio system is still on and will support previewing audio clips, but AudioSource.Play calls and playOnAwake will not be handled in order to simulate behavior of the standalone build.
  • Added Prepare iOS For Recording in Player Settings (iOS > Other Settings in the inspector). Turning it on will avoid the stalls that otherwise happen when starting or stopping the Microphone object.

Linux, Mac and Mecanim

  • Linux: Added basic webcam support for video4linux2-supported devices.
  • Linux: Implement headless player; this will not require Xlib (requires Unity Pro).
  • Mac OS X: 64 bit standalone player support (x86_64 and Universal).
  • Mecanim: Avatar Creation API for avatar creation from scripts at runtime or in the editor.
  • Mecanim: Synchronized Layers option to override state durations.
  • Mecanim: You can now set the default layer weight in the editor for your animator controller layer.

Many thanks to all the thousands of users who have participated in the Unity 4.2 alpha and beta program. Without your work in suggesting improvements and reporting bugs Unity wouldn’t be the polished product it is today.

This is just a brief introduction to a few of the changes and improvements in Unity 4.2. See the Unity 4.2 release notes for indepth information about the myriad new features and fixes the latest version of the Unity 4.x cycle has to offer. We can’t wait to see what you make with it!

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  1. The easy-to-use line offered by Unity 3d definitely serves as a benefit to beginners like ua. It is a very supportive as a guide which gives detailed insights of how to go about creating your own imaginations.

  2. This is all good, but when would Unity’s version of monodevelop get upgraded/replaced?

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  4. What was the point of paying for android in 4.1 if your giving it away now? I feel a little burned and probably won’t purchase any plugins for unity ever again until the end of a version life cycle. I enjoyed giving your company money but now that is ruined and I seriously don’t feel good doing it now.

  5. What’s with the ancient .net version. When can we expect 4.0 or even 4.5?

  6. linux

  7. are u adding unity for linux

  8. Ahmed Nawaz

    8月 15, 2013 8:31 am

    Windows Phone Support Great. :)

  9. Awesome update!! I think all that we’re missing is Nested Prefabs :) For me, that will be the last frustration point.

  10. So, a question: this update is available, but I would have to have a pro license to publish a commercial game?

    Thanks!! ^^

  11. @KOBLAVI:

    Unity has been around since 2005, which makes it nigh-on 8 years old now. That’s not a “short time”. That’s plenty of time to include a decent GUI and proper 2D support that doesn’t boil down to: “roll your own 2D engine and Editor extensions to support it”.

    As for: “Faulty logic. UDK is not marketed as a 3D only game engine!” The “Unreal” engine is very much aimed at the 3D games market. The “Unreal” part is the big clue as that game was a 3D FPS. Besides, Unity isn’t only competing with those high-end SDKs, but also with the likes of Cocos2D.

    I’m not saying Unity sucks, but I am feeling more than a little left out. I couldn’t give a gnat’s chuff about 3D. I can’t build 3D models to save my life, but I can still (just about) do old-school 2D pixel art. And I was coding in assembly language back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, so rolling my own 2D engines was something I used to do in my sleep. I know how to do it. The thing is: I don’t want to roll yet another such engine. It’s not as if it’s something that interests me.

    If I’m going to have to roll my own engine, I may as well just use Cocos2D, or even Apple’s SpriteKit. It’s not as if there’s much more money to be made on non-Apple platforms at the moment, and I can always pay someone else to port the game if the game proves successful enough to justify the effort.

    But the whole fscking point of middleware is that it saves me time and money. At the moment, when it comes to making 2D games, Unity saves me precious little of either. And it’s about bloody time that changed.

    I’ll give it until v4.5.

  12. Amazing work for pro users, thank you unity this is something i longed for(editor).

  13. Brian Lockett

    8月 3, 2013 4:33 pm

    My only complaint here is why’d you guys move the Terrain menu? I almost uninstalled Unity to reinstall it because I thought it was a possible installation glitch where the menu was missing. I’m not sure if this was done this release or the one just before, because I was using a Unity release about two releases back (I don’t always like to update), but I took a chance with this one.

    Personally, it doesn’t make much sense to me why it was moved. I can live with where it’s currently located now (under Game Object >Create Other) and its settings in the Inspector now (assigned to the gear icon now), but I personally liked having the Terrain system having its own menu spot, since I’m used to it and it was a whole lot less scrolling I had to do. It had one dedicated place, and after years of use, that’s where I expected it to be. Just me personally, but I tend not to like to needlessly move something around.

    I merely glanced over the release notes, but if the change to the terrain had been made a little more obvious, that would’ve been nice. I don’t mean to come off as a whiner, but I just hope you handle such changes a little better next time. It was small but a big headache. But anyways, thanks for the development, and I hope to see continued improvements down the line soon. And hopefully, we’ll see Unity address more long-awaited issues, like using an updated monoDevelop, having better native 2D support, destructible environments, etc.

  14. John Colgrove

    8月 1, 2013 11:19 pm

    This is all fine and dandy, but when will Unity’s version of monodevelop get upgraded or replaced? Great job otherwise though!

  15. Im not sure why everyone is so happy, they still don’t wanna make a build for those without sse2 cpu’s, which will drop any unity 3d game players, my country doesn’t have computers with sse2 support, my school comps don’t even have sse2 instructions, even when me and my friends learned english just for unity and there games, they drop the cpu’s that don’t have sse2 instructions.

  16. Haha! You fools! I’ll never buy Pro now!
    Oh wait. already did. years ago…

  17. WebMaster MC

    7月 31, 2013 1:13 pm

    Is now also supports WebGL?

    If not, when?

  18. Roger Sodre

    7月 30, 2013 4:44 am

    Strangely, I use Unity daily and was not notified by this update when starting it.

    Also disappointed with the lack of new GUI.
    Still keeping on my bookmarks bar…

    Another disappointment is the terrible, terrible Input preferences. I still have hope for a better one.
    We should be able to customize the controls by Platform and controller type.
    We should AT LEAST be able to delete and rearrange the axes list.

    And an Inspector history (back, forth), PLEASE!!!!!

    The problem with very modular and extensible systems is that it becomes an excuse for not delivering some basic features.

  19. Vilmantas Balasevicius

    7月 29, 2013 11:47 am


    yes, using Unity 4.2 you can develop and publish games for Windows Phone store, Windows store and BlackBerry.

  20. Can we deploy game for windows store and black berry store.?
    I have little confusion unity 4.2 is beta version for (Windows store and black berry)?

  21. Dominique Da Costa

    7月 29, 2013 9:10 am

    Very good news regarding these new features!

    Regarding GUI, when you have tiny budget / planning, to buy NGUI or other kind of Asset like Coherent UI is not an easy choice, and I’m just asking Unity to help us, by saying if the new GUI system should be available 1° this year, 2° probably not before next year, 3° Maybe next year, 4° never for free and always as a separate asset 5° [other]…., or buy helping us to have an asset in the interval but with a lower price if it’s just a temporary solution (and if it’s not, we deserve to have the information) !

    In a game, UI is just…hugely important.

    I’m expecting the truth at UNITE 2013, even if it’s bad news, or an official recommandation to follow :-)

  22. I’m so tired of praising you guys. In six years not one mediocre, let alone bad release. Can’t you do a shitty release for once? I mean something truly diabolical. You are making every other game engine team on the planet look bad.

    Just a thought.

    PS: @Aras man the release notes look like a copy-paste from your task list or something :)

  23. Andrei_Rafael

    7月 28, 2013 8:15 pm

    Realtime shadows!! Awesome.

  24. the unity ta giving error used my design 4.1 now every time q’ll edit alguam thing it crashes

  25. i downloaded unity3d 4.2 but when im installing the installer gives an unknown error and then finish and doesnt install at all

    im using snow leopard

    “Furthermore, Unity is not marketed as a “3D-only” development platform. 2D should therefore be supported as a first-class, built-in feature, not as something you have to buy optional extras for.”

    Faulty logic. UDK is not marketed as a 3D only game engine! No one is complaining? Besides, Unity HAS been used to make 2D games, it is just as much a 2d game engine as it is 3d.

    Come on guys (ranting on about 2d support and GUI), give UT some credit for what they’ve been able to achieve in a short span of time. The truth is UT will never be able to grant everyone’s wishes. At least we know they are working on these features and they’ll surely be released. But let’s remember that’s their absence has never stopped making games with the Awesome Engine!

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  28. Mono and MonoDevelop are cobwebbed! C’mon guys.

  29. Georges Paz

    7月 25, 2013 7:50 am

    Next time please a larger video, I would like to listen that beautiful music to the it’s end! :D

  30. Great!

  31. Never tried unity, but damn free to publish created game, thats pretty awesome

  32. @ stimarco good points re 2D, if all you care about is iOS. I understand Keely and ArenMook both work for Unity now, so maybe the upcoming GUI system will have the best parts of NGUI and RageSpline together…

  33. Very nice, this notice are very good for me, but… the Heightmaps in the terrain? However, the Unity 4.2 is very cool, the shadows and optimization is the order of day!

  34. @Barnaby Smith: crash reports must be symbolicated. Reports themselves are in a standard Apple’s format, so you can save them with *.crash extension and import into Xcodes Organizer. If you have your app in Archives with dSYM generated, then report should be automatically symbolicated. More info on Apple’s site, or just google on how to symbolicate normal iOS crash reports. You can start by reading here:

  35. Snitch Macgrady

    7月 24, 2013 9:07 am

    What can more can i say…I Luv U…

  36. why not luajit!

  37. why not luajit!
    why not luajit!

  38. Adrian Lopez

    7月 23, 2013 10:30 pm

    I won’t consider Unity a proper game engine unless and until it becomes possible to obtain collision information (collision points and normals) without giving up control of game objects to the physics engine. I doubt most games out there would feel right if programmed in Unity such that objects had to move according to its physics engine.

    To my mind, it’s Unity’s biggest flaw.

  39. @Mike:

    Yes, we know there are 2D tools in the Asset Store. Our point is that Unity can make 3D games *out of the box*. If I have to use additional third-party tools to make 2D games, that not only adds more potential support headaches and points of failure, but it also means I have to keep track (and test) multiple update cycles and combinations, not just the one. For an indie, that’s just more complexity and pain for no gain.

    I might as well use another platform entirely for 2D work. What’s the point of buying middleware that solves precisely none of my problems?

    Furthermore, Unity is not marketed as a “3D-only” development platform. 2D should therefore be supported as a first-class, built-in feature, not as something you have to buy optional extras for.

  40. Woot!! New Quad primitive! O and the other features look cool too.

  41. 4.2 is ok but…

    Where is the Facebook API that was promised?

    Where is the new GUI that was promised?

    Where is the 2D support that is desperately needed?

    How about upgrading the outdated MonoDevelop to the latest version (current version is horrific)?

    How about fixing bugs first? God know Unity is chock full of bugs. The script kiddies don’t know the difference and think all is wonderful but professionals know the reality.

    Unity, instead of adding more features, please focus on stabilizing the product and improving what we already have.

  42. For those unhappy with the 2d situation, remember the tools are there on the asset store, some of them are even free. Many of those tools have been used in highly successful commercial products. I’ve used a number of them and they’re dead easy.

  43. I clicked the “Prepare iOS for Recording” and now my voice recording feature is not working. Is there any documentation on what this does, or any updated samples with this working?

  44. Taylor Ringo

    7月 23, 2013 2:13 pm

    FINALLY! I wonder if we could get some GoogleTV action?

  45. Unity! Unity! Unity!

  46. Joachim Ante

    7月 23, 2013 12:15 pm

    Major MCDOOM

    We have a couple of people working on GUI and it’s progressing well. It sucks that we haven’t shipped it but know that we are busting ass to make it ship as soon as we can.

    In regards to bugs, 4.2 has a ton of bugs fixed. With every release we roughly spend half of all development time on fixing bugs. You can see the release notes for an overview of all the fixed bugs.

  47. Major McDoom

    7月 23, 2013 11:06 am

    Thought the GUI would be out by now. Also, new features are great and all, but there are tons of bugs that have been around since 3.x, reported but ignored. It’d be great if those were fixed.

  48. Barnaby Smith

    7月 23, 2013 10:57 am

    I don’t really understand the point of the iOS Crash Reporting, the crash reports appear virtually useless. There’s no Mono class name, method name, exception type or mono call stack. Have I not set them up correctly, or do they really not provide any useful information?

  49. @Francisco Requena: a bug where modifications to a scene done in the [PostProcessScene] callback were not showing up on mobile platforms has been fixed in 4.2 by the core team.

    @Ming: we delay autoupdates for a few days, to have a bit of time to catch any possible issues before pushing the update to everyone. Either wait a bit or just go to if you’re eager to try 4.2 out. :)

  50. Ashish Verma

    7月 23, 2013 8:23 am

    Cool Cool Cool. Awsome. :) Everybody was waiting for UNITY 4.2 to happen soon.
    And you guys made it. Big Thumbs up!!

    THANK YOU UNITY :) The awsome Game Engine i met. :)

    Santa In the Valley of Gifts. Available on ios, android, mac, and Kongregate..
    Thank you Unity :)

  51. Emil "AngryAnt" Johansen

    7月 23, 2013 6:31 am

    WAT?! No fluid surface, uh, simulation thingamajig…?! Disappoint! ;)

    In other news: Yay! New things!

  52. Amazing new features! Still waiting for 64-bit editor feature though..

  53. Tamara Hauze

    7月 23, 2013 1:28 am

    I have been playing Horse Master since it came out Will this help or have youns given up on this game. It does not work no more but I can still train I submit reports but with no response HELP I love the game

  54. New features are nice, but would really like to see the promised features they keep skipping. New native Gui Editor promised for 4.0, Facebook SDK promised and announced for 4.1.2… Still nice new things, just wish they wouldn’t announce features they aren’t able to produce yet so we don’t hold our breath.

  55. @Wolfos:

    That whole point of something like Unity is that you don’t have to write your own!

    I’ve written my own 2D graphics engines in the past, so I’m more than capable—I could still write a sprite engine for an Atari STE/Falcon030, or Commodore Amiga practically in my sleep—I might as well just use the native platform’s own APIs.

    Apple’s own OS X 10.9 and iOS 7 not only include actual 2D game engine support (with a 2D physics engine and a particle system, no less), but they even have a particle system designer and automated sprite atlas workflow support in the new version of Xcode. I’ve played around with it and it’s very good.

    The irony is that Apple don’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to games-related APIs and development—”Game Sprockets”, anyone? So the lack of even the most basic 2D support in Unity, which touts itself as the ultimate game development platform, is looking increasingly bizarre.

    I can write my own abstraction layer, texture atlas builder, tile-mapper and workflow tools if I wanted to. The problem is that I don’t want to. What’s the bloody point of using Unity for 2D games if it’s not going to help me in any useful way?

  56. Thanks a ton for your continued work on Unity and the Community. You guys are a tremendous boon to the indie development scene.
    I hope you lot at Unity Technologies are experiencing as much good karma as you’re passing on to the rest of us through Unity3d :)

  57. AWESOME!!
    thank you very much UnityMan!

  58. superpawelTV

    7月 22, 2013 10:36 pm

    I love you Unity team! You developed best game engine and give it free for all and still making ot better and better. Keep going :).


    Use the GL class for 2D. Sure, you’ll have to code your own renderer but coding a tile renderer isn’t that hard. Animated sprites are also trivial once you’ve got a good texture coordinate thing set up.

  60. Wow!!!!!! Real-time shadows and Nav-Mesh for free version!!!, thats awesome!!!
    Thanks unity Team, You are the best =)

  61. So bugs in Flash exporter are not touched or they are just not mentioned in release log?

  62. I was scrolling down slowly hoping they’d save the best for last but… well I guess we can wait for another minor release to use the awesome GUI which will probably make a debut in 4.5. We’re kinda used to waiting now (speaking for me and my shadow :-P)

    Great new features overall. Although they lead me to think that unity is more focused on beating other X-platform tools to arrive on new platforms first. While this is great for us unity devs, it suffers two main issues:

    1.) The survivability of the platform isn’t adequately assessed before support is pushed for it. This, as was seen for the case of flash, can turn out to be a huge waste of engineering resources. Everybody would agree with me (I speak for everybody this time) that if so much effort hadn’t been put into the dying (flash) platform, unity would have a squeaky clean GUI framework.

    2.)Core features suffer at the expense of all these ‘new new’s. Yes we want new features, but we also want broken/incomplete features fixed/completed. Well done on improvements to mechanism and serialization and all the other additions.

    Unity’s best asset is it’s community. Please remember put the community before all other priorities!

  63. And what about the new GUI previously teased last year ? We desesperetly need it as a real major improvement !
    However, greetings for this new release…

  64. Realtime Shadows for free. Oh that is really awesome.

  65. Alexander Birzul

    7月 22, 2013 7:27 pm


    Thank you – you are the Best!

  66. I, too, am disappointed that the new GUI (and decent 2D support in general) is still a no-show.

    The new GUI has been noised about since at least the middle of the v3.x release cycle. This is very bad form: some of us need to plan in advance and fit our development work around our day-jobs. It’s also unlikely that the developers behind NGUI and its ilk are pleased by your teasing us with what appeared to be a near-complete GUI system at UNITE 2012. It seemed so close to being ready for release, most of us actually believed the “coming soon” hype and held off buying third party support instead.

    Right now, it’s possible to develop a 3D game in Unity without having to jump through any hoops: as long as you have a decent production workflow, you can get a third-person shooter or similar up and running very quickly.

    2D games? Not so much.

    This is a weakness in Unity. There is nothing in its marketing that states that it’s a 3D-only platform.

  67. Dark Acre Jack

    7月 22, 2013 7:22 pm

    @NATCHOBEARD You’re not raining on anyone’s parade, since all of that functionality has been handled by 3rd parties for dirt cheap with a vast array of plug-ins that make creating 2D games in Unity3D a snap.

    Makes sense that it wouldn’t be a priority.

  68. Thank you so much for the free version additions!! Best thing I’ve read in a long time, thank you

  69. Until finally 4.2

  70. Aras: don’t get me wrong, as a user I appreciate how awesome unity is as a company and tool, it’s just that it’s a little bit offputting when the new features aren’t aligned to one’s personal needs.
    Still, an amazing feat that you’re giving all of this away, and I remain a proud unity user.
    Thanks for all the awesome (plz don’t forget about us making sprite games :))

  71. How do i update from 4.1.5? via application itself? my 4.1.5 still say it is up to date version.
    Or i uninstall all thing and clean install again?

  72. and better support than broken promised havoc engine. and its free that unreal engine mobile don’t have and I have to say best mobile engine graphics than unreal and best physics on par with havoc and somewhat better than havoc.

  73. now unity developers have no excuse to not to develop for windows 8/windows RT and windows phone 8 since developers are eyeing windows mobile platforms. THIS IS GREAT, better support than unreal engine, which they did not support windows 8/RT and windows phone 8, just desktop windows which is not enough. cant wait for nearly all unity developers to port their games to windows phone 8.x/windows 8.x/RT etc by fall of 2013 & early 2014. since easy from opengl to directx and port it with xbox live or withoux xbox live, since both are flexible with the windows 8 (phones) stores. my biggest game dev im waiting for is madfinger games with their shadowgun etc.

  74. Sweet jeebus

    7月 22, 2013 4:58 pm

    unity is a free gift that keeps on giving,seriously!

  75. That is good news and I love Unity but still I am patiently waiting for GUI as the biggest missing step for a great great engine. I am 3.5 IOS pro user for around 3 years and do not want to rely on asset store solutions for GUI. I am using Unity’s native GUI and gives me headache for 3 years(slow performance, no WYSWYG, no animation systems) and creating a nice GUI takes big part of my development time. And still there is less for me to upgrade to Unity 4 for IOS. I would love to see launch of new GUI with limited features if it is not ready. I know it will be available when it is ready but can’t stop myself without saying.
    But as overall, have all the best Unity team, you are great.

  76. Edgar Vigdal

    7月 22, 2013 4:39 pm

    Congratulation on a new version. But… Is it safe? Does it crash just as badly as any other new version have done it the past? I do not dare to install it until I see what the users reports in the forum.

  77. Richard Slater

    7月 22, 2013 4:32 pm

    Muito bom, adorei as novidades, espero logo, logo poder comprar a licença para poder desfrutar de todo o poder que a versão pro oferece.
    Parabéns a toda equipe do Unity

  78. I’ve worked with UDK and most recently spent a lot of time working on a team with CryEngine but chose Unity for a personal project simply because of how eager the Unity Team is to make a great product available to as many as possible. You have never disappointed. I’m thrilled with how well Unity seems to be moving and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  79. Aras Pranckevičius

    7月 22, 2013 3:41 pm

    @nachobeard: correct, none of these come out of the box in 4.2.

  80. … Wow … Free Realtime Shadows? Free Blackberry and Windows? *tear *sniff *sniff

  81. I hate to rain on people’s parade but…
    Still no native 2d support?

    That is:
    -animated sprites
    -pixel perfect sprites
    -proper collisions
    -pixel coordinate support

    Will upgrade from 3 when I get that, out of the box :(

  82. wow. THANK YOU!

  83. Alex Poolton

    7月 22, 2013 3:20 pm

    Amazing achievement. Congrats to the guys at Unity.

    It’s always nice to see a company putting it’s users first :)

  84. Incredible guys, really incredible work.

  85. Great news…Does anybody knows anything about .Net Framework version. Any support for 4.5 ???

  86. Francisco Requena

    7月 22, 2013 3:04 pm

    Is the bug related with [PostProcessScene] on mobile devices solved? I’m waiting for that so bad!

  87. Kristoffer Blasiak

    7月 22, 2013 3:00 pm

    This is great! Been waiting for this ever since I heard the keynotes in Malmö! :D

  88. Aras Pranckevičius

    7月 22, 2013 2:57 pm

    @TCHMASTER: that is correct. However, once your company gets over $100k/year, you need to get a Pro license.

  89. Awesome version – amazing.

  90. @Joshua Jebadurai: Sooo…I can download the free version of unity, make a game, and sell it like everyone else does? Won’t they want anything in return? o.O

  91. Alexander Formoso

    7月 22, 2013 2:48 pm

    I cant believe what my eyes are reading….. o.o

  92. This madness. D:
    MADNESS D””:

    We got real-time shadows even if its just one directional light?? D’:
    Omg omg omg omg *squeeeeeeeeeeeles* aeaeaea *rocks in the corner* must calm down so excited O.O

  93. Joshua Jebadurai

    7月 22, 2013 2:39 pm

    @TCHMASTER: No. You don’t need a licence for Unity, but their splash screen will be shown in the beginning.
    If you’re making for mobile devices, for example iOS, you need an apple developer license which is $99 per year.

  94. Joshua Jebadurai

    7月 22, 2013 2:37 pm

    Version control in free version. Indie guys can work as a team now in peace.

  95. Hey guys this is all great but can anyone tell me is it free to make a game in unity and publish it or do you need a licence or something? :/

  96. You guys are amazing. AMAZING. I love you.

  97. Finally ^________^ ~ !!

  98. OMG!! I can’t hold myself.

  99. Vitalii Vasylenko

    7月 22, 2013 2:27 pm

    Freaking amazing!!!111

  100. Thats great!! The new free tech would make a huge difference to the games developed with the free version!