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Centre Pompidou in Paris, France is an amazing world-renowned modern art museum. We are stoked to partner up with one of its current exhibitions, Art Avatar! This means we’re able to help introduce digital art to thousands of French teenagers and connect the Unity community with French journalists and the art world.

Art Avatar is an immersive and interactive exhibition by Norwegian digital artist Pia MYrvoLD, realized by artists and creators Yann Minh, digital artist and international expert on virtual worlds, and Eric Wenger, creator of Bryce, and LM3Labs.

The exhibition includes a free digital art workshop for 13-to-16-year-olds. An application on a tablet allows them to create their own avatar based on Pia MYrvoLD’s digital sculptures and interact with it on three virtual mirrors. The organizers expect that several thousand teenagers from high schools all over the region will take part. Both the tablet applications and interaction software are made with Unity.

To support the exhibition, Akouvi, our regional manager for business development, Bertrand, who is Unity’s EMEA events manager and I worked with with Centre Pompidou. In practice, this involved us setting up a PC with the Unity Editor installed on it so that anyone visiting the exhibition can get their hands on it. We also trained the activity leaders to teach teenagers how to assemble and animate assets from the exhibition inside Unity. They are then invited to download Unity and the assets at home and continue creating.

Trailor- Exhibition Pia MYrvoLD – ART AVATAR – Centre Pompidou 8 November 2014 – 5 January 2015 from Pia Myrvold on Vimeo.

Yesterday, there was a Unity event in the exhibition room, gathering people from the games industry, digital art, industry, architecture, education and other sectors and the local media. We also had an hour for media interviews, the artists presented their concept for the exhibition and we demoed all the upcoming Unity features.

We hope that this will bring some visibility to the amazing diversity of creations developed by the Unity community. Ultimately, we aim to inspire teenagers and help to further democratize game development!

The Art Avatar exhibition will run at Center Pompidou, Studio 13/16, until 4 January. Open every day except Tuesdays.

See more pictures on Unity’s Flickr.

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Great! As a teenager myself (16), I am all for promoting Unity to the younger crowd. However, you should push learning to code. I for instance learned C# when I was 12.

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