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GDC is nearly upon us! It’s crazy hectic getting ready for such a big show but always an incredibly exciting week where we get to meet with so many of our current development community and meet new friends. As you might imagine, we’ve got a lot going on at the show! Here’s a little bit about it.

Unity Special Event

On Tuesday March 3 at 8:30AM PST, we’ll be holding live from San Francisco a special event to kick our GDC off. We’ll be sharing some big news, showing some beautiful demos, and inviting some special guests from the development community on stage.

Event details to come soon on our social media channels, stay tuned!

Unity Party

Don’t miss the Unity Party Wednesday night!
Register here:

Unity Dev Day

For those who chose an all access or summit & tutorial conference pass, don’t miss the “Unity Developer day”, Tuesday, March 3rd from 10:00am to 5:30pm in Room 2014, Moscone West Hall, 2nd Floor. We’re refining the final agenda, but in short it’ll be about digging deep into Unity 5, learning from Unity engineers and games developers.
Here’s what we’re preparing:

  • Graphics improvements by Aras Pranckevičius (Rendering Plumber),

  • New audio mixer by Jan Marguc and Wayne Johnson,

  • Future of scripting with IL2CPP by Jonathan Chambers (Scripting Team Developer) and Mantas Puida (iOS Team Lead),

  • Unity Ads & Everyplay by Oscar Clark (Everyplay Evangelist) and Nikkolai Davenport (Dev Relations Engineer),

  • Cloud Build, Analytics and more services by Patrick Curry, John Cheng & Suhail Dutta,

  • Post mortem on producing high-end content by Veselin Efremov (Artist), Torbjorn Laedre (GFX Programmer), Dominic Laflamme (Lead Developer Storytelling),

  • And finally “Rebuilding Republique in Unity 5” postmortem by Camouflaj team Paul Alexander (Producer/Designer), Kevin Call (Engineer) and Stephen Hauer (Art Director)

Unity GDC 2015 Expo Booth – South Hall #1402

As usual, we’re setting up shop in the main expo of GDC. We encourage you to stop by and say hello, ask questions, and check out awesome games from the community and our great partners that make the Unity development ecosystem so amazing.  We’ll have a lot of staff at the booth ready to answer questions and give you tours of Unity including the big new features of Unity 5 and some awesome new demos. We’ll also have daily drawings to win cool prizes

Talks at Unity booth

Additionally, we’ve got a slew of useful talks scheduled from Unity staff and partners designed to help you get the most out of Unity. We will be announcing the program shortly, and of course you can stop by the booth to see the schedule!

Games Pavilion

As usual, we’re very excited to be hosting several games currently in development by the Unity community of developers at the Unity booth. Come by, check out the games, talk to the guys that made them, and get inspired!

and two other unannounced titles!

Partner Pavilion

Make sure to stop by and check out the latest technologies and platforms being showcased by our sponsors in the partner pavilion:


This year we’re also pleased to have a new dedicated area for our Asset Store Publishers! The following twelve publishers will be showcasing their tools and technologies for one day during the show, rotating across three kiosks:

Cinema Suite, Houdini, Hutong Games/PlayMaker, Make Code Now, Neat Corporation/Shader Forge, Owlchemy Labs, Polygonmaker, ProCore, Rust Ltd, SonicEther Technologies, TextMesh Pro and Tigar Shark Studios.

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