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We are constantly working to improve the Unity user experience. In order to do that in a meaningful way, we need to really know you: the user.

In the User Experience Team we conduct a lot of user research and user tests. Sometimes we go out in the field and observe you in your natural habitat (your workplace). Other times we meet you for an interview. We also invite you over for usability tests of our newest features.

Now you can sign up to participate in our user studies and research, and make a direct contribution to the future awesomeness of Unity!

So, how does it work?

You sign up by completing a survey that will let us know more about your skills, experience, interests, recent projects, etc. Whenever we run a research project and find that you are a good match for it, we will reach out and get in touch with you.

Who can sign up?

If you are a Unity user, you can sign up, regardless if you are an absolute beginner, an experienced superuser or anything in between.

Unity has to empower all of its different types of users.

We hope you will help us make that happen.

You can find more information and sign up to participate in user research right here!

Thank you,

The User Experience Team


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  1. Got stuck on the first page, it’s asking me to fill in all fields, despite having filled everything, perhaps highlight missing fields (for user experience)? But I suspect an actual bug.

    1. Seems that hitting after filling in my city field progressed to page 2, but not the page counter (so I could not get back to page 1) I see now that missing fields are highlighted if you’re on the right page.

      1. Luca Giurdanella

        7月 14, 2015 6:14 pm

        Hi Anton,

        i’m sorry you’re having problems with the survey. It seems like things get weird in there from time to time.
        Are you still having issues?

        1. Dear Luca,
          I’ve installed Unity to my HP Laptop. no problems occurred until the survey screen. I attempt to scroll down the page, but cannot get past the word ‘artist’ on the page. I have tried answering all questions before it, pressing pg down, and using differnt mouses to try and scroll down. It just won’t work. Please Reply.
          Thanks in advance.

  2. nu merge

  3. I going to have to agree with Fafase on the rating system. I use Unity almost every day, but since I do everything myself I don’t have one area of expertise. I have no idea what you guys mean by ‘Basic’ for example, is that something like “I know of it and where it’s at” or “I made something work…somehow”. It would be helpful to have some examples to go along with the rating to help us judge our abilities.

  4. I gotta say, it was a little difficult to provide a level. For instance, no physics at all or 2D system in my job development. Despite the fact I know them, I don’t feel I would be advanced maybe not even intermediate.

    So looking at your rate system, I would be either basic or beginner but I have been using Unity 8h/day for the last 3 years, so I would guess that makes me a little more than the average beginner…wouldn’t it?

    I don’t need to be told that I am awesome but the survey seems to think that users only see Unity as a game development tool. I use all day long and what we do is no game at all.

  5. Would love to register but after logging in, instead of showing a survey, it only displays an option to edit my account! If you could help with this, I’d be glad to help!


    1. Luca Giurdanella

      7月 7, 2015 10:20 am

      Hi Zach,

      do you still have this problem?

      1. Unfortunately so :(

        1. Luca Giurdanella

          7月 8, 2015 11:29 am

          Is this the page you’re stuck with?

          Unity account page

          Using another browser or computer (if you can) gives you the same result?
          I’m still not sure what the problem could be, since other people are signing up without problems. But don’t worry, I will definitely try to solve it! :-)

      2. I have previously tried with different browsers, to no avail. It was a different page, however the survey is now loading when I log in, so somehow the problem has been resolved! Thanks for your help!

  6. Not sure why unity needs my phone number but sure. Been using unity for years so I’ll gladly help to give feedback.

    1. Luca Giurdanella

      7月 7, 2015 1:03 am

      Thanks for your help Sander!

      The telephone number it’s only for contacting you in case we need more info before starting a new study or to run a telephone interview, for instance.
      But don’t worry, we won’t start calling you unless we have your permission! :-)

  7. I tried to sign-up but asking all these questions just to complete few surveys about my unity expirience? Thanks but no. I feel rather uncomfortable to giving all thoese informations. Any anonymous or with my unity account survey i will gladly fill up.

    1. Luca Giurdanella

      7月 7, 2015 12:48 am

      Hi Ivan,

      Thank you, I really appreciate your honest feedback!

      The reason for all these questions is that we need very specific users for different researches and that’s why we have to ask for so many details.
      For instance, we might need unexperienced level designers for one research and very expert programmers with a deep knowledge of the physics system for another one.
      Also, being anonymous is completely fine for surveys, but unfortunately it’s not really possible when we run in-person studies with our users.

      But don’t worry, it’s perfectly understandable that you don’t feel like sharing all these information!

  8. Interesting