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Over the past couple of years we have organised a number of events to help people get to grips with using Unity for the first time.  These have based around a hands-on workshop to help people build a game from scratch in a day, such as the Nightmares project or the Tanks workshop we presented at Unite Europe in June this year, as well as the Roadshow events we have run in the Americas.  The response to these has been very positive and we are looking to continue this program to help new users get up to speed.

However we are often asked for training sessions that are targeted at more advanced users, rather than people who are new to Unity.  We have given this some consideration and decided that we would look at a trial program starting in Europe later this year, Unity Master Classes.  These would be one day events we would run in major cities across Europe and would be hands-on workshops looking at one or two topics in detail.  The Unity Master Classes are aimed at advanced users that want to learn the best approach to solve specific problems.

We need your help to decide what topics we should concentrate on and so it would be great if we could get some feedback through a survey on which areas would be of most interest to you.

We have set up a survey here where we have asked you to rank in order of preference which areas you would like us to present and also what format that the workshop should take.  We will also ask you which cities these events to be held and whether you would like any further information.

Thanks in advance for your help – we are looking forward to hearing your suggestions.  This will help us prepare something that you need, rather than something that we think you might want.

Andy Brammall

Technical Sales Director, EMEA

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A session about software architecture for games would be nice, since that’s the base for every game. Not a lot of resources to be found regarding software architecture in Unity…

Hello Autodesk Stingray

goodbye UE4
goodbye Unity5
goodbye Cryengine3
goodbye S2Engine

Seriously? Autodeath? Can’t see any advantages here compared to the major players you turn down.

in the advanced users they know scripting and some physics maybe you can teach graphics and the zone of physics

Currently we are thinking that these would be hands on workshops, but we might post a summary video along with the content and slide decks, similar to the Nightmares project we ran for Training Days last year

Nightmares project was awesome! Still waiting for the Tanks project videos to hit YouTube. Bring em on! :-)

Will the video be shared so that the rest of the world can also benefit from the Master Classes?

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