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こんにちは。私たちはいま真夏のロサンゼルスでSIGGRAPH 2015の真っ最中です。いつも通りのことですが、コミュニティの皆さんの研究成果を見せていただくたび、凄すぎてブッ飛びます!SIGGRAPHは歴史的にコンピューターグラフィックスの最先端技術が集まる場所でありつづけていますが、今年も例外ではないと感じました。


さらにStudio Courcesでは以下のワークショップを Arturo Núñez(@ArturoNereu) が実施します:

  • Learning to Create Interactive Experiences With Unity 5.
  • Unity 5, The Blacksmith: Make Your Own Viking Movie.

カンファレンス中はエキシビションホールにブースがあります。よかったらbooth #544 までお立ち寄り下さいね!何か質問などありましたらば、ぜひお気軽にお声がけ下さい。

このエントリはTimoni West、Aras Pranckevičius と Renaldas Zioma が作成しました。

9 replies on “SIGGRAPHのUnityの参加について”

Where I can read papers form “Authoring of Procedural Environments in “The Blacksmith”?


Page 9 of your slide titled “What we want”

doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

1. In your comments you say you want MetalSL.
2. but then you indicate SPIR-V as the intermediate.
3. then you are going to reconvert to platform SLs.
4. Why would it go straight to MetalIR.
5. Why didn’t you guys select MetalSL for Vulkan instead of keeping C based SL.
6. How are you going to convince Microsoft to upgrade HLSL if it didn’t do it at this time when the API is changing as well.

What we have now is HLSL as source language, but a very messy (and very different) compilation pipeline for each and every platform. Some use actual HLSL compiler, some use hlsl2glslfork, some use hlslcc, etc. What we want is to have a single frontend and a “middle layer” for all platforms.

Right now it looks like we’ll keep on using HLSL as the source language for quite a while, so that would mean we need a single HLSL -> intermediate layer frontend. Such a thing does not exist right now (which is why we don’t “have it”, just “want it” :)… but one can dream).

For the “middle layer”, right now it feels like building it upon SPIR-V makes the most sense. It’s a well defined intermediate representation for both graphics & compute, and there’s a lot of projects underway in the whole ecosystem that are building various tools upon it.

Not sure I understood your other questions TBH.

Is the assets package used in the “Learning to Create Interactive Experiences With Unity 5” Studio course available? I was unable to find the assets on the Unity site or in the store.

It’s so awesome that Unity is at Siggraph. I remember years ago I think back in 2004 I asked the OTTEE guys (before the company was Unity) If they would be attending Siggraph. They were like “What’s Siggraph?” haha… Just nice to see them here now.

Nice article.
#offtop : Why not to make Unity available on Steam ? To make it easier for users to install and update Unity automatically – within Steam library. I hope someday You will make it reality. Thanks !

I know it’s probably too soon, and this is being researched, but I would really appreciate a blog post about Visual Scripting.
I am design and architecture student, and I’m using another engine, honestly I really like Unity, mainly because I think it’s lightweight and practical and works much better for mobile devices… but honestly I dont like the third-parties solutions, I would like something more integrated and well documented.
I look forward to that. :D

booth #544 link shows

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