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Time to step up and take center stage! We’re looking for speakers who can share tips, tricks, insights and stories about their experiences working with the Unity engine. Here’s five reasons to apply to speak in LA:

  1. Get a free pass to the show: As a featured speaker at the event, not only will you stand out, you’ll also get a free VIP ticket to Unite LA worth up to $475.
  2. Make new contacts: As a featured speaker at the event, you and your team will stand out, making it easier to network and make new industry acquaintances.
  3. Share your knowledge: Do you have an interesting story, or some knowledge or vision that can inspire and educate fellow Unity developers? Why not give yourself a push forward and share it? You never know what it could lead to.
  4. Showcase your project: This is a great opportunity to gain exposure, generate interest for your team, and put your work in the spotlight.
  5. Get feedback: There’s no doubt that you can get technical input if that’s what you’re looking for, but there’s also entrepreneurs, artists, audio experts, and others at Unite LA who will be interested in your story. The subject of your presentation will set the tone for the type of feedback you get.

Talk about your Unity project from start to finish, focus on a particular challenge, demo your crazy Unity project, dazzle us with your technical expertise, showcase your visual talents, surprise us with something new — it’s up to you! This is a great opportunity to connect with your peers, and engage with the Unity team.

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