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Made with Unity Showcase at Unite 16 & The Revamped!

, 7月 19, 2016

Made with Unity has been a really bright spot for us for many reasons this past year. It’s invigorating for all of us to really see just how many incredible games are being made with Unity! A big part of that visibility has been due to which we launched last year. We’re very happy to announce that we’ve launched the next iteration of the site today, but before we get into more detail about that…

One of the newest (and super bestest, by our calculations) additions to the global Unite line-up has been the Made with Unity Showcases. We’re very happy with how positively they’ve been received both by show attendees and the participants and they’ve quickly become an integral part of the events.


Made with Unity Showcase @ Unite Europe ’16

So, to go along with the unveiling of the site redesign, we’re also announcing that open submissions have begun for the Unite Los Angeles Made with Unity Showcase! Once again, we’ll be looking to include a variety of games and other projects that show off the breadth of awesome experiences being made by the community.

All you need to do is fill out the submission form and sign up for a profile on if you haven’t already done that. If you haven’t announced your game yet and can’t sign up for a profile, feel free to submit anyway, we can take care of signing up later.

Open submissions will close on August 14th at midnight PDT, so make sure to get your submissions in by then.




The New

After you’ve signed up, you’ll hopefully have noticed some sweeping changes to the layout, design, and how we’re showcasing your content on  We hope you like the new look!  Here’s a quick rundown of the highlighted changes to the site and how you can get started to create your profile and publish your own story.  

Front Page1


Overall Improvements and Bug Fixes

Our primary goal was to take in the overall feedback over the past year and make this an easier experience to share stories and create profiles.  To accomplish this, we rewrote the codebase and focused a lot of attention on making the CMS easier to work with and the process to create a profile a bit easier to digest.  

The good news is, this code rewrite makes it easier for us to update the site and make fast changes if common issues rear their ugly heads.  We’ll continue to listen to you to make this a reliable experience for you.  If you run into any issues as an existing profile owner or new user, please let us know in the forum!

Games Gallery and Stories Library

We also  wanted to improve the way you browse and find new games developed by Unity devs everywhere.  The new layout allows us the opportunity to showcase many of your games by category, themes, or any way we want really.  In turn, that gives us the ability to show off more of your content to everyone.  

We’ve added the much needed search option throughout the site so you can find a story or game based on a specific tag, keyword, or platform.  Slowly but surely, we’re growing the site to make it easier to find your interests, discover new ideas, and keep track of dev updates and announcements.  


Updated Game Profiles

Another area of focus was to improve the ability for devs to showcase their work on the site.  Your game profile pages are updated to show off more of what you’re working on, including an option for release dates and an updated tagging system to allow for more relevant related games.  We invite you to use this as a resource for you to show all your story announcements, blog updates, and media with everyone should you need it.  

In addition to that, you may have observed the new Weekly Top 10 on the front page.  We’re using this to highlight the most active game profiles of the week.  You may be asking how you get on this prestigious list. It’s a mixture of how many stories related to the game you’re posting, how much the article is shared, and how many people have read those stories and viewed your profile within the given period.  Put simply:  post awesome updates, share your awesome stories, and actively promote each other.


Share Your Story!

Over the past several months, we’ve seen some amazing stories and insights from Unity developers around the world.  We’re well over 300 crowd-sourced articles from the community in under a year!  It’s been awesome to see the site take shape with such varied perspectives and creatives ideas.  

Our goal remains the same as when we originally launched the site.  To make this a place for every Unity developer to express their ideas to a global audience, inspire and educate others, and be a central resource for what’s going on in the community so press and media to see what’s going on.  

Whether those stories are about experimentation with new concepts in VRa director’s commentary inside look on your upcoming game, tips and tricks, or even failures encountered that taught you important lessons you feel are valuable to the community, we want this to be a place can read about all the hard work that goes into game development. When you’re ready to write a story yourself, check out our quick guidelines to help get you started.

Do you already have a profile?

All stories and profiles have been migrated to the new site.  We’ve done a lot to make sure we haven’t negatively impacted your content but some edge cases may have slipped through.  To combat that we’ve created an Update FAQ for you veterans and some tips to help make sure your migrated profile looks great.  If you encounter any issues or something isn’t looking quite right, let us know in the forum.  The easiest solution is to log in, edit your profile, and walk through the new steps to make sure everything is 100%.

What’s Next?

Now that the overall redesign is in the wild, we can continue our focus on more functional additions for you.  Comments, statistical data, and more ways for readers to interact and provide feedback are definitely on our mind.  We’ll be listening to your feedback closely as always.  

So go ahead and apply for the Unite 16 showcase, create a profile, share what you’re working on.  With your continued support and participation we can’t wait to continue to grow Made with Unity as a developer resource and to aid discovery.

7 replies on “Made with Unity Showcase at Unite 16 & The Revamped!”

Surprisingly the hottest game these days Pokeman GO is not on that page yet. You definitely should do something with Niantic.

A few thoughts on the new made with unity website area.

1) Front page looks nice, though gives the impression perhaps that there are other games hiding somewhere, because the selection is limited, but I’m not really getting a sense that you’ve communicated this clearly enough… if I hadn’t visited the section in the past I wouldn’t know to expect that there’s more to see. Then I find that the only way to get to the other games is the rather small and unassuming ‘games’ at the top of the page, which seems to make sense but doesn’t seem to make enough noise about the fact that it hides a huge volume of content. I don’t feel like there are enough pointers telling you where to go to see more. Maybe add something at the bottom of the page to call people to action or what to do next or to brag about how many games there are or something?

2) Once into the [games] page, I’m confronted with a search box. And then I’m like, oh crap, now there is no navigation. I scroll down and I see a bunch of nice slidey things ala itunes or netflix or appletv kind of interface, with several games shown in each section. Discovery. And then I’m like, well, there doesn’t seem to be a large number of games here either, is this all there is? Is there more? Are they really squeezing every single game into this one page up-front? What happens when there are a tonne more games, do we get into discovery issues where a vast majority of them are tucked away in some unseen pages, or nowhere? Then I reflect back on the hideous search box… which, in order to use, I have to already have prior knowledge of what’s out there TO search for,… which I do not have, because I came to this area to DISCOVER what is out there. I can’t possible be on top of what games are coming out or are in the works or whatever and this whole section is more one of browsing and stumbling upon interesting stuff, so the idea of using the search box tells me I’m about to enter a hidden mystery soup of who knows how many games. Again there is no sense of how many games there are in total or how much of that content I am seeing or not seeing, and I definitely am at a loss to rely on a search function to find out. Is this all there is? Are you showing me everything or am I missing something, because it seems there was more content on the old design and if you’re having users continue to create more submissions this whole section is going to explode.

It sounds as though this is heading toward a kind of platform on which people can showcase their games and have blogs and forums and post videos and all that stuff….soo….. is this not also a step toward it becoming a publishing platform of sorts… or at least, a store, in which people could actually play the game (webplayer/html5 or download) and purchase it as well (or make use of ads or whatever?). It’s only a few steps away from this potential – to give each developer a little custom mini site as an outlet to host their game, a web portal of sorts.?

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