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We are happy to announce the launch of a speaker database and event resource WISER – Women in Software & Entertainment Representation.

The goal of WISER is to shift the conversation — from getting (and keeping) women in gaming and entertainment to normalizing their very presence by increasing visibility and representation at events and on industry stages. This doesn’t mean women speaking about being a woman in the industry; it means encouraging and enabling women to be on stage speaking about their specific area of expertise.

WISER is a collective of peer-endorsed female professionals in gaming and software available for speaking and public appearances. These are experts in everything from product management to engineering and design, independent creators and leaders at companies.

We’re kicking off the project today and want you to take part. Interested in participating? Tell us about yourself. Know someone who’d be great? Pass this along! Trans and non-binary welcome too!

How it works:

Interested in Speaking?
If you’re interested in speaking at industry events and conferences please visit WISER and fill out the registration form.
Your background will then be vetted and you’ll be notified if you’re added to the database
Your information will not be sold, or shared beyond this purpose

Looking for a Speaker?
Access to the database will be limited to approved and vetted individuals. Please contact Wanda Meloni to request access.

3 replies on “Unity & OGA Partner to Increase Speaker Diversity”

It would be cool to also have more diversity in the unity standard assets, men (white) have been the default for so long! A technophile black woman (not just brown) with example of kinky hair shader (not just curly mind you, google for 4C hair) would help a lot ;)

I mean you have no idea how much it is to start (or encourage) making game while being a miority when all free assets are nothing like you, and even paid asset or tutorial (try finding one on making afro hair that is helmet, cornrows, etc …), it’s hard to learn even how to represent ourselves because there absolutly nothing! Unity is about democratization after all!

Hey Neoshaman,

I’m the Producer on the R&D Content Team, we work on the Standard Assets & training materials on Learn.
We’re working on a new version of the Standard Asset characters, a female and a male that are non race specific.

Additionally, in November we will be releasing a new tutorial & project featuring some more diverse characters.


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