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Last week, we announced the Neon Challenge, a real-time environment art challenge inspired by Veselin Efremov’s project, Neon. A project that was created in a weekend using the power of Timeline, Cinemachine, Post-Processing and the Unity Asset Store. Take the challenge for a chance to win $20,000 USD.

The Unity community is full of brilliant creators that use their time to deliver learning resources and tutorials for all different aspects of Unity development. If you’re getting your Neon Challenge started this weekend, dive into how you can get going with the help of these community creators.


Timeline is a powerful, user-friendly tool to master during this challenge. With it, you can create cutscenes, cinematics, gameplay sequences and much more by utilizing its track-based system to orchestrate animations, sounds, and game objects.

For this challenge, you can use it to fly your sci-fi ships across the screen or to drive your character animations and bring life into your environment. Your creativity is the limit.


Cinemachine brings Unity a suite of code-less, smart and dynamic cameras to create the best shots dynamically based off of composition and interaction. It’s perfect to help you tell the story of your Neon Challenge project.

On Twitter we love seeing your #unitytips, a hashtag we use to promote quick and to the point tips and tricks for anything you’ve found useful in your Unity workflow. We’ve pulled some of the top tips and tricks for using Cinemachine or Timeline just for you.

If you’ve got questions regarding using Cinemachine or Timeline drop into our forums and ask our community and staff!
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