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The Neon Challenge has wrapped up, challenging our community to create a real-time environment with the help of the Asset Store. Here are your winners.

On Dec 1, 2017 we launched Unity Connect’s first contest, the Neon Challenge, a real-time environment contest based on Neon with over $30,000 in prizes. Armed with our powerful new cinematic tools including Cinemachine, Timeline, and the Post Processing Stack, many of you quickly set off to build your cinematic experiences.

In just 45 days, we saw over 460 teams from 60+ countries around the globe submitted their project to the Neon Challenge. Individual creators and teams from all walks of life including programmers, technical artists, 3D modelers, CG specialists, animators, designers, VR developers, and more took the challenge pouring countless hours into creating your submissions. And with the help of the Asset Store many teams were able to take advantage of powerful plugins and models to supplement their scenes.

In the community highlight reel below we’ve picked out some of our favorite submissions from across the globe. We were incredibly excited to see the huge diversity of experiences created for the Neon Challenge. Take a look to see what the community created.

Announcing the winners of the Neon Challenge!

We want to thank the community for all of your amazing submissions. Without further ado, we’re excited to announce the winners of the Neon Challenge!

First Place

Inhuman Kind by Maciej Szcześnik, Poland

As former Lead Gameplay Designer on the Witcher series turned Independent Game Designer, Maciej Szcześnik’s grand prize submission combined stunning visual cinematics with finely-tuned gameplay elements. His submission was also built as a prototype of his dream game set in a dystopian retro-futuristic world.

Second Place

Soul of a Man by Timur Ozdoyev, Natali Kayurova, and Andrew Indrikson, Russia

From a trio with AAA experience working on titles such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Soul of a Man combines cyberpunk aesthetics with the architectural style of an 18th century European city to create a unique futuristic slum basking in a neon glow.

Third Place

Into the Crater by Vladimir Stanarevic, Daniel Talic, and Gustav Eriksson, Bosnia and Herzegovina

From creators of the slick retro-futuristic, ’80s inspired arcade game Neon Drive, Into the Crater is a sleek, cyberpunk scene bleeding with style and accompanied by a catchy original synthwave composition.

Honorable Mention

Selected by our judges below are the remaining finalists commended for their creativity and the exceptional quality of their submissions.

Community Winners

The winners below were chosen by the community based on the number of likes on their projects during the course of the contest.

Final Thoughts

With Unity Connect’s first contest finished, we are absolutely astounded by the amazing projects and hours of dedicated challengers committed to the contest. We hope many of you had a fantastic time learning and sharing your experiences over the course of the contest.

Are you ready for another challenge? Stay tuned to the Connect Challenges page! We’ll have more on the way soon.

9 replies on “Neon Challenge: Community Creations and Winners”

Wow that’s really amazing what people can do with Unity. :) Congrats for every people who started in this challenge and special congrats for Maciej I would really like to know how you do all this stuff.

Thanks! Will share all I know as soon as I have some free time to record a tutorial. I will post it on Unity Connect.

Fairly, begin with this challenge , maybe if you give them more attention, they give you what you want

Just thanks to unity, Big dinosaurs (Gxxxx, Epxx….) don’t give small developer an equal opportunity to show their work to the public ,

I actually had hopes that the best projects would be analyzed by Unity specialists, together with the projects’ creators to bring out tutorials on how to achieve certain things with Unity. I would love to learn about lighting in the first place scene, for instance. Can I receive any comment from the Unity team on this?

Hi Mykhaylo – I will make a tutorial on this. I promised one in my Unity Connect post. Just need to have some time for that, but it’s going to be there :).

There is a lot of very nice looking scene but with nothing related to the concept of “Neon”…

Well, at least in the video got xD And regarding the top five awarded …. controversially …

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