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新しくなったスクリプティング教材で勉強して、Visual Studio と Unity を使ってゲームを作ろう

, 7月 9, 2019

初心者から中級者向けのスクリプティングの新しいチュートリアル動画が公開されました。この動画は Microsoft と連携して開発された Unity ゲーム開発者向けチュートリアルで、C#、Microsoft Visual Studio、Unity 2019.x を使ったスクリプティングとプログラミングの基礎を学ぶのに役立ちます。Unity Learn でどなたにでも無料でご利用いただけます。

スクリプティングの初心者向け動画では、スクリプトとは何かというところから始めて、スクリプトをプロジェクトにアタッチする方法に触れ、たくさんの定数を使う方法と変数を 1 つ使う方法とを比較します。また、動画での学習を通じて、最も人気があり、使いやすい統合開発環境(IDE)の 1 つである、Microsoft Visual Studio について学ぶことができます。

中級者向け動画ではさらに一歩踏み込んで、プロパティを作成する方法やブロードキャストシステムを作成するためのイベントの使い方に関する知識に触れます。これらは初めて Unity ゲームを開発するときに必要になる構成要素であり、この動画で学んだ後もゲーム開発を続けていく際に役立つ知識です。

動画の陰に隠れてしまっていますが、他にも変わった点があります。以前のスクリプティングの解説動画をご覧になったことがある方なら、枠の中のドアを吹き飛ばしたり、ロボットカーを動かしたり、バズーカから砲弾を発射したりする際のエフェクトを作るために Robot Lab 環境が使われていたことを覚えていらっしゃるかもしれません。今回更新された動画では RoboLab 2.0 が使われており、以前の動画から追加された新要素も盛り込まれています。

Visual Studio の操作画面も収録されたトレーラー動画をご覧になり、今回のアップグレードがどのようなものであるかお確かめください。興味がわいたら、Unity Learn サイトを訪れ、初心者向けプロジェクトおよび中級者向けプロジェクトに収録された動画で学習を始めましょう。

20 replies on “新しくなったスクリプティング教材で勉強して、Visual Studio と Unity を使ってゲームを作ろう”

Same old content. missing out important areas. why can’t you guys provide a structured course then same old videos. in videos everything looks easy. its when implementing them the problem comes. videos miss out the important parts and makes the guys feel dumb.

Good to have but I think you could emphasize more on C#/Unity scripting differences – i.e. this is standard C# (of which many tutorials will be out there) – and this is Unity-specific (i.e. monobehaviours, inspector values etc.).
Also curious you say ‘scripting’ as C# coding is a little more than just ‘scripting’ in a big unity project.

What’s up with the lack of editing? — The audio clearly hasn’t been edited and the narrator’s mistakes are left in (along with a long black screen at the end).

I’m not really a beginner but I’ve been going through several of the new tutorials just to check them out and they’re all kind of a mess.

* They all use dark Unity Editor theme, but use the blindingly bright Visual Studio theme when editing/displaying code. The sudden change in brightness when switching back and forth between Unity and VS is not a very pleasant experience.
* Some pages have the video embedded as a tiny video (bad, can’t clearly read the code), others have the video take up most of the screen (good).
* Most, if not all of the videos seem to have about 10 seconds of just blackness at the end. Did someone forget to add some trailing logos or credits or something?
* I haven’t been paying attention too closely to this, but at least one video uses an alpha version of Unity. I know Unity is really pushing using the latest version of Unity, but it’s probably a better idea to encourage beginners to use the latest “stable” version of Unity, rather than getting involved in betas and alphas. If a beginner encounters too many bugs or other complications due to having bad luck with an unstable alpha, it may drive them away from Unity entirely.

Additionally, most, if not all of the videos say something about “in partnership with Microsoft” but it’s not clear how Microsoft participated or contributed to these videos. The “narrators” are the same Unity folks we’ve enjoyed learning from for years, and other than the fact that the code is edited and displayed in Visual Studio, and occasionally the videos point out how Intellisense can be helpful, there’s nothing really Microsoft-specific about the videos. This isn’t really a complaint. Just a puzzled observation.

Another nitpick:

I’ve occasionally seen issues such as in the GetComponent video which says something to the effect of “for more information about X, check out the tutorial on Classes linked below this video” but there’s no link to the Class tutorial video anywhere on the page or even in the description of the YouTube video. I’m starting to wonder if these new videos just spliced the old Learn videos’ audio on top of newly recorded video.

It would be nice if each page of the Learn site had some sort of feedback button/form that could be used to report errors or point out confusing things, much like the documentation site does.

It is very clear how rushed these videos were.

The audio was clearly not edited and the speaker’s pauses and mistakes have all been left in. Also the black screen (as already mentioned) at the end is very odd and jarring the first few times.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. The black screen is meant to contain end card elements on YouTube, these will be added but cannot while some videos are unlisted. This is standard practice across all Unity video content.

Can you please provide video titles or examples of speaking errors? If somehow we’ve missed something I would like to fix it. Some pauses to allow code to finish typing etc is to be expected but speaking errors should not be in there.


Seems like the first two or three videos from the very beginning were the ones I noticed a clear issue with the narrator. Lots of long and awkward pauses for no reason between words in places. I wonder if this weird aural pausing / words repeated is prevalent in the rest of the videos?

I remember the old ones were really well done. These don’t seem that high quality in comparison, and the pacing just _drags_ in the ones I’ve watched so far. Perhaps the speaker was just getting used to narrating again? I don’t know. :(

Having to click a separate “start tutorial” button for EVERY SINGLE 3 minute tutorial video is a HUGE pain in the rear. Just please give a link to the Youtube videos to save people the headache?

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll group these in a way that makes a bit more sense

I’m unable to open the tutorial links by clicking with the middle-mouse-button (MMB). Normally, if I click links with the MMB, Firefox opens the link in a new tab. This does not work on the Beginner- and the Intermediate Scripting pages.

* Use Windows 10 and Firefox 68
* Open webpage
* Navigate to first tutorial tile “Scripts as Behaviour Components”
* Click “Scripts as Behaviour Components” link with middle mouse button

Observe Firefox does not open the link in a new tab.

Firefox should open the clicked tutorial link in a new tab.

Hi, Thank you for the detailed repro steps for this issue. I understand this frustration with not being able to open in new tabs and we’ll take a look at sorting it soon.

This is great for beginners, but you should team up with Jetbrains as their Rider IDE is much better than VS or VSC for developing C# apps including Unity games.
Visual Studio just doesn’t feel responsive enough to me. Rider helps you so much in so many ways.

Rider is strictly better, true, but it also doesn’t have a (permanently) free version. People can use VS community edition for free forever, so it’s a better choice for beginners.

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