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WWDC で Apple は Mac の次なる進化に関する発表を行いました。そして Unity も、皆様が開発中のゲームをこの進化にキャッチアップさせられるように、Apple と密に連携をとり、Unity でビルドした macOS スタンドアロンプレイヤーが Apple Silicon 搭載 Mac でも動作する環境を整えるための作業を進めています。Unity は、既存の 64 ビット Intel ベースの Mac と、将来出荷される Apple Silicon 搭載 Mac の両方でアプリを動作させられるユニバーサルアプリビルドをサポートする予定です。

皆様が開発中のプロジェクトを Apple Silicon 上でも動作させるための準備として、プロジェクトを Unity 2020.2 にアップグレードして、その上でゲームが既存の Intel ベースの Mac ハードウェア上で正常に動作することをご確認されることをおすすめします。Unity は Mono と IL2CPP の両方のスクリプティングバックエンドをサポートする予定ですが、OpenGL グラフィックス API はサポートしない見込みです。そのため、開発中のゲームが Metal を使って実行できる状態にしておく必要があります。また、お使いのネイティブプラグインが再コンパイルできることもご確認ください。

Apple Silicon 上で動作する Unity

Unity は今後数週間のうちに Unity 2020.2 ベータ版を公開する予定です。これによって Apple Silicon 搭載 Mac への移行をシームレスに進めていただけます。次世代の Mac で皆様が創り出した作品に出会う日を楽しみにしています!

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message me if you want any Unity Editor testing in the Apple Silicon Dev Kit – I have one and Hub does not load content to download/register at this time.

I’m in the same boat. I believe the Unity Hub might be based on Electron which isn’t supported yet. Other apps like Slack, Visual Studio Code, GitHub Desktop have the same issue.

Well, I hope you guys are ready when they come knocking on your door asking for 30% of your subscription charges in 2 years. Much as I’d seen this coming for many months now, I’ve been skeptical of Apple’s intentions. With every new OS release they make it evermore difficult to install apps which aren’t downloaded from the App store in the same of security. With this new direction, they have an even better excuse for restricting apps that aren’t on the App Store. Once they succeed in funnelling all apps and games through the App Store, It’s anyone’s guess what happens next. But with what we’re already seeing with the likes of Hey, I remain skeptical.

Yup, I am absolutely ready for 30%. What they’re charging is probably fair. If anyone believes they’re charging this for simply hosting and distributing the app, then they have an extremely thin understanding of technology and business. Go ahead and complain about the fee. I’ve done it, too. But at the end of the day, you could be putting your energy towards things more productive, because complaining won’t take you anywhere.

Oh I’m not complaining at all. Not yet at least. My concern is for big software companies like Unity being forced to host their apps on the Apple App store and being forced to hookup their subscription to Apple pay so they can take their share. That’s a huge chunk of their revenue. Heck even 15 percent is a huge chunk. I also kinda have a feeling that if this ends up happening Unity will pass on the cost (or a part of it) to its users. And frankly I wouldn’t even blame them. They already have some pretty thin margins as it were with their current business model.

John Riccitiello is quite savvy though. I’d imagine he’s worked out some sort of agreement with Apple. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Hey there if i got apple transition kit can I install unity editor into this machine(apple dev transition kit)

Unity, please keep in mind, that making Apple Silicon support for 2020.2+ only destroys all the sense behind 2-year LTS support cycle. And there are developers out there, who are critically dependent on Unity’s support for Apple’s ecosystem.

I really appreciate that Unity are super on the ball with these new changes, it is really cool to hear Unity’s response when these kinds of industry shaking announcements the moment they hit the airwaves. But it’s left me wondering if Unity is going to be able to bring Apple Silicon support to the 2019 LTS? A lot of developers had been waiting for a long time for the LTS after a fairly rocky 2019 as far as production disruptive bugs go, so we were excited about the prospect of sitting on the LTS and avoiding the tech streams this year. But not even two weeks after the release of the LTS and we have news that we’ll have to adopt a tech stream or be left behind. I understand it’s probably too complicated, but just voicing a vote anyway toward bringing Apple Silicon support to the 2019 LTS, it’s just so draining to think we’ll have to go through more disruption to our production if we have to adopt the bleeding edge tech stream just for this. Thanks.

That’s great! Can’t ask for quicker support than that!

I imagine the editor probably runs in emulation, and ultimately natively.

no it doesn’t, watch the state of the union video
it’s already running on new SoC, as are many 3rd parties already which was presumably enabled by using DTK

Ehm you are wrong. Pre Intel they used PowerPC CPUs designed and produced by IBM. Now they are switching to an ARM based CPU designed by themselves. Yes both PowerPC and ARM are RISC CPUs but the architecture is different.

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