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ハッシュタグ「#unitytips」を付けてコミュニティに投稿された、Unity ベストプラクティス集の第 2 弾をお届けします。今年の初めに第 1 弾を公開したところ、「プロジェクトを一段上のものにすることができた」という声をいただきました。そこでさらに多くのベストプラクティスを集めた第 2 弾をお届けすることになりました。




ここで紹介するヒントは Unity エディターで作業する時の体験やワークフローの質を向上させるために役立つものです。


Unity でゲームの主要部分を作ることについて、プログラミング、ワークフローからビジュアルなど、さまざまなことに関するヒントを集めました。


最後は、レベルを 1 つ上げたいプログラマーのためのヒント集です。どんな形であれコードを書かれる方なら、ぜひ一度触れていただきたいものばかりです。

今回ご紹介したヒントをお楽しみいただき、早く試してみたいと思われた方は、ぜひこの記事のコメントでお知らせください。また、Twitter で #UnityTips ハッシュタグを検索すると、ここでご紹介した以外のヒントも見ることができます。また、オリジナルのヒントやベストプラクティスをお持ちの方は、ぜひ今度の火曜日にこのハッシュタグをつけてご投稿ください。@Unity3d をフォローすると、毎週火曜日に#UnityTips のリマインダーを見ることができます。

ヘッダー画像提供: Leonard Saalfrank; @omeletteandyog1

9 replies on “コミュニティ発の #unitytips で友達をびっくりさせよう”

Really great post. I’ve been using Unity for over 10 years now and there are always new things to learn.

Some suggestions though:

1. Specific page with updated list of tips and tricks – It would be great though if there were some easy to access page, either in the documentation or some other easy to find location, with this list of tips which could keep being updated over time. Imagine months or even a year or two from now when you want to find this and other tips and tricks blog post again, it will become difficult and time consuming.

2. Embed Gifs/Images – My other suggestion would be to also embed the twitter posts as standalone gifs (not embedding from twitter directly) with links to the original post as a hyperlink in the gif or as an explicit link under it.

This would help to prevent any issues in the future if the twitter post were to be removed, we would still have access to the original post image/gif. Keeping the link under it would help if you want to find out more information (as these twitter posts sometimes have links to tutorials which explain how to do what they are showcasing).

Keep these coming :)

In fact, no Blender objects need to be modified when following the method in that tutorial. The only modifications needed in Blender are a few changes to the export settings in the FBX Exporter panel, as shown in the tutorial.

This post is great but would be 100x better if the tweets were embedded. Having to jump back and forth between tabs or pages doesnt make this an easy read compared to many other articles that do similar :)

I agree, the post is great, but going back and forth between this and the twitter links was a bit annoying.

I would suggest keeping the links (as the comments of the twitter post can be helpful as well, like taking you to video tutorials or other important additional information), but just add the gif/image right under each description in the post to make it more readable and quickly be able to find what you need.