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The Sound Engineer and the Asset Store

11月 27, 201421

Eric “Dok” Wager is a French sound engineer with almost twenty years of experience in music and French cinema. Currently, he provides intera... さらに読む

Happy birthday to us – Unity Asset Store turns four

11月 4, 201417

In fact, the Asset Store was a rip roaring success pretty much from the get go. Within three months of launch in 2010 there were already 10,... さらに読む

The student and the Asset Store extension

10月 15, 201410

Not every publisher sets out with a clear plan to make an Asset Store product. If you have a half-finished extension lying around, or some c... さらに読む

Universal Fighting Engine: Building a business on the Asset Store

10月 9, 201411

Daniel Esteves is an Asset Store publisher who is all in. His assets are not a byproduct of his game development process. He actually enjoys... さらに読む

The hobbyist and the Asset Store – success with Stealth

9月 30, 201421

Set yourself a goal. You have a year to make a game by working on your own in your spare time. How far can you get? After 15 months, Nicola... さらに読む

Should I do it myself, or use the Asset Store?

9月 1, 201424

“First of all, don’t start with the mentality “I have to do everything myself, I’m an indie”. Sometimes it’s good to learn. But if you say t... さらに読む

Assets that rock

7月 21, 201427

Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger on what makes the Asset Store so special. Is it the relief that you feel when you find out that “there’... さらに読む

Asset Store applications section launches with awesome one week sale

6月 4, 20148

Fuse by Mixamo. Save 20% 'til June 11th! Want unique characters in your 3D projects?  Fuse gives you the ability to quickly create quality ... さらに読む

From Zero to Hero: The Asset Store Publisher Story

6月 4, 20146

The Australian developer is the more chaotic half of the Doppler Interactive duo. Wife Jessica provides game ideas for their projects as wel... さらに読む

Easy game development: a peek at the GameAnalytics PlayMaker integration

5月 22, 20146

Simon Millard is responsible for designing and implementing the GameAnalytics SDK for Unity. He’s also a passionate independent game develop... さらに読む

The Novelist and the Asset Store: The Visual Scripting Story

5月 8, 20143

Kent Hudson made a game that is part The Shining, part Gone Home and part something new entirely. In The Novelist, you are a ghost helping a... さらに読む

Showing off the Shy Shaders

5月 1, 201412

While Unity 5 will make shader programming a breeze, there are still a lot of specialist assets that will come in handy in specific situatio... さらに読む

Tutorial: Behave 2 for Unity

4月 28, 20147

Hello everybody! My name is Emil and I will be your guide on this tour of Behave 2 for Unity. Having previously worked at Unity Technologies... さらに読む