Unity 3 technology – Surface Shaders

7月 17, 201039

In Unity you can write your own custom shaders, but it's no secret that writing them is hard, especially when you need shaders that interact... さらに読む

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Beast Lightmapping

7月 15, 201053

Alright everyone, it's the preview video that you've all been waiting for... Lightmapping in Unity 3! Senior QA Specialist Samantha Kalma... さらに読む

Save the date for Unite 2010!

7月 14, 20108

Yup, you read that right, it's that time of year again, the time to get yourself ready for this year's edition of our annual developer's con... さらに読む

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Cloth Physics

7月 13, 201034

And the preview videos keep rolling in! We're running a little behind on the Beast lightmapping video, but until then take a look at some of... さらに読む

RFP: Unity to Award 60 Android Smart Phones to Schools

7月 7, 201012

Hello Unity Community. This is my first blog post and I’m happy to be sharing some very exciting news. I joined Unity almost two months ag... さらに読む

Unity and iOS 4.0, update III

7月 2, 2010117

Dear community, once again I'd like to start by offering my thanks to everyone for their patience through an unclear situation. We're gratef... さらに読む

Making history with Unity and OpenSim

6月 30, 20104

As our resident virtual world enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for Unity developers making progress in the field. One of the most r... さらに読む

.mod in Unity

6月 29, 201030

As of Unity 3.0, we are proud to give our users the possibility to use Module files for music and sound in their productions just as any oth... さらに読む

Pre-Order Unity Android, Get a Google Nexus One!

6月 24, 201032

You're probably wondering whether you're reading the title right and for 500 of you, you are! Today we put out a press release offering up s... さらに読む

The first Unity 3.0 pre-purchase betas are now shipping!

6月 23, 201022

Today is an exciting day for all of us here at Unity Technologies as we're now shipping pre-release beta builds of Unity 3.0 to the first 10... さらに読む

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Asset Management

6月 15, 201032

And we're back with another preview of Unity 3! As we near closer to the release of Unity 3 we hope to keep a steady stream of these feature... さらに読む

Image Effects Video

6月 14, 201022

We would like to share a little Video showing some of the new Image Effects in action. Demoteam out. さらに読む

Introducing some of the new Image Effects

6月 9, 201034

Good day, This is Ole from the (in)famous Unity Demo Team (tm). I would like to show you a preview of some of our new handcrafted and rea... さらに読む