Unity Turns 5, Happy Birthday!

6月 7, 201050

In 2003 three talented and creative individuals came together in Copenhagen, Denmark based on a shared vision about making their own game en... さらに読む

3.0 Upcoming demo

6月 4, 201055

Just had to share this: It's a screenshot from our 3.0 launch demo, lovingly done by the super-talented chaps at Aquiris. (No image e... さらに読む

Google, Android, and the Future of Games on the Web

5月 19, 201064

Hello Unity developers! I have some big news to share with you this week: today, we're showing two new branches of our technology to the ... さらに読む

Interview with Muse Games

5月 18, 20105

When Valve's popular Steam distribution system was released for the Mac last week, Muse Games's Alex Jarocha-Ernst wrote the following: Mus... さらに読む

Unity and the iPhone OS 4.0, update II

5月 11, 201079

Dear Unity developers. First I want to thank all of you who have expressed support for us in the past weeks. While we can't yet say exact... さらに読む

Animation View Video Tutorial

5月 5, 201017

Hello all, so I've been working for Unity Technologies for the past 10 months and I have finally got round to posting my first blog entry! ... さらに読む

New Copenhagen Office

4月 25, 201016

It was almost two years ago that we moved our Copenhagen office to a really cozy house in Frederiksberg. There were just about a dozen of us... さらに読む

Car Tutorial

4月 24, 201024

For those who were at Unite '09, this is the racing game that was demoed when showcasing the new profiler in Unity 2.6 during the keynote. T... さらに読む

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Snapping & Marquee Selection

4月 23, 201026

Hello Unity Developers! Incredibly, it's already been more than 3 months since I joined this crew of nuclear-powered toaster engineers an... さらに読む

iPhone Multiplayer Tutorial

4月 21, 201022

Hey guys! Take a look at this one - a new tutorial to showcase the new multiplayer  options in Unity iPhone & iPad. (さらに…)... さらに読む

Unity and the iPhone OS 4.0, update

4月 14, 2010103

Dear Unity developers, I wanted to take a moment today to follow up on my blog post last Friday regarding the recent controversial change... さらに読む

Unity and the iPhone OS 4.0

4月 10, 2010119

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank our forum users for their support and thoughtful analyses about Apple’s new ToS (terms of service) for its... さらに読む

Unity iPhone 1.7 is ready for your iPad games

4月 6, 201016

With more than 300,000 iPads sold on Saturday and 1,000,000 apps downloaded during Easter weekend, you must be getting eager to get your app... さらに読む