Zombieville USA + Blush = Cool New Unity Content!

3月 10, 20091

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Unity Community Online Gaming: Round 1

2月 27, 200914

I suppose that this may technically be round number 2 as we tried this once already, but we had short notice (even shorter than this round) ... さらに読む

Tweet, tweet, tweeting! I’m now on Twitter…

2月 25, 20095

Slowly but surely I succumbed, ultimately signing up for both LinkedIn (here) and Facebook (here) skipping over and avoiding the whole MySpa... さらに読む

Casual Connect Hamburg – Trip Report!

2月 16, 20091

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Casual Connect in Hamburg

2月 9, 20091

Me, Tom Higgins and Joe Santos will be driving off to Hamburg in a couple of hours (and staying through Thursday). See you at our booth at C... さらに読む

3rd-Party Unity Tool Add-Ons

2月 8, 20094

As the Unity community grows larger and attracts a wider range of developer types I'm excited to see a growing number of 3rd party offerings... さらに読む

Unity on Windows, it’s getting ever so close!

2月 5, 200916

As most of the Unity universe already knows, we recently announced that Unity 2.5 is coming soon, and that among other new features it will ... さらに読む

FusionFall goes live!

1月 16, 20095

It's a nice day for news as not only did Unity Studios launch a new website but the folks at Cartoon Networks went live with FusionFall, an ... さらに読む

Unity Studios launches a new website!

1月 16, 20091

As most folks know, Unity Studios is a sister company to Unity Technologies and they focus on content development using Unity. They grew fro... さらに読む

Unity and Unity Content in the News

1月 13, 200913

The new year has hardly begun and it's already been incredible, I say that as it feels to me like Unity and Unity content are in the news a ... さらに読む

Welcome to David Lau-Kee

1月 12, 20093

Dear Unity community, I want to give you all a heads-up on a cool development at HQ. But let me first digress for a minute. 2008 was a... さらに読む

2009: Three resolutions for the new year

1月 7, 20093

I will post more regularly here on my blog. I've often found myself excited by various bits of information from the Unity universe yet I've ... さらに読む

Two years ago…

12月 9, 20089

...I had recently arrived in Copenhagen (read more here) to begin this journey called "Unity". One year ago I was thrilled by the fact that ... さらに読む