Doing a Talk at GDC Europe tomorrow.

8月 17, 20097

Hi guys & gals. I'm giving a talk about the inner workings of immediate-mode GUIs at GDC Europe tomorrow (in Cologne). Looking forwar... さらに読む

Unity bailing out Blade3D customers

8月 14, 200916

Today we heard that the .NET based engine Blade3D is being shut down, and dramatically at that. Blade3D was offered as a subscription servic... さらに読む

UniKnowledge Contest

8月 11, 2009

Some ambitious community members from the #unity3d IRC channel have put their heads together and organized a competition to create simple ex... さらに読む

Updated FPS Tutorial + New Video Tutorial

8月 6, 200911

You asked and we deliver. While the FPS tutorial is version 1.x Unity content, it still has a little life left in it for getting you star... さらに読む

Chillingo Courts Unity Developers

8月 6, 2009

Prominent iPhone publisher Chillingo, who published Touch KO (made in Unity!), is actively courting Unity developers on our forums. If you'r... さらに読む

Unity iPhone Demo “Penelope” Hits The App Store

8月 1, 200920

The demo team's first example iPhone project is now available for free at the App Store. The demo is entitled Penelope and—as previously men... さらに読む

Vancouver Unity TGIF & Skills Workshop – My trip report…

8月 1, 20095

After a crazy week featuring not one but three separate events crammed into the span of one week (plus this past week of travel and catching... さらに読む

Casual Connect Seattle – My trip report…

7月 30, 20095

I've been lucky enough to attend every Casual Connect conference in Seattle and without fail this year's event was as awesome as ever. I'm q... さらに読む

Unity iPhone 1.1 Standard Assets

7月 29, 20099

The Demo Team is putting the finishing touches on the iPhone Standard Assets that will go out with the Unity iPhone 1.1. release. There are ... さらに読む

Unity Summer of Code Takes Off

7月 22, 200927

Two weeks ago we announced our Unity Summer of Code program through which we offer indie & student developers the chance to get paid for... さらに読む

Lucas Meijer joins Unity

7月 20, 200910

I learned programming on an Amiga 500. Some lowlevel stuff with copperlists, sine and cosine lookup tables and a line drawing algorithm to g... さらに読む

Just Looking Around

7月 10, 200912

Just making characters in your game look around can bring them much more to life as well as express important information to the user. Here ... さらに読む

Unity 2.5.1 Released!

7月 8, 20095

I'm happy to report that Unity 2.5.1 has finished baking in the oven and is now ready for download! As with all minor updates (anything 2.x)... さらに読む