Animation and cinematics in Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil

A few months ago, we released Volume 1 of the Icon Collective, and it’s time to share more about what went into the animation and cinematics... さらに読む

3月 4, 2019返信

Unity ML-Agents Toolkit v0.7: A leap towards cross-platform inference

Today, we're making a major upgrade to the Unity ML-Agents Toolkit to leverage the Unity Inference Engine, a new library that enables cross-... さらに読む

+1 3月 1, 20199

SRP Batcher: Speed up your rendering!

In 2018, we’ve introduced a highly customizable rendering technology we call Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP). A part of this is a new low-l... さらに読む

2月 28, 201923

Unity ranks top of the charts in the Singular 2019 ROI Index

The Singular 2019 ROI Index is in, and Unity ranks as a top-performing ad network for mobile marketers on iOS and Android globally. Let’s ta... さらに読む

2月 27, 20198

On DOTS: C++ & C#

This is a brief introduction to our new Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS), sharing some insights in how and why we got to where we are today, ... さらに読む

2月 26, 201949

HoloLens 2 発表:いま知っておくべきこと

Mobile World Congress で、Microsoft から HoloLens 2 が発表されました。このガイドを読んで、Unity で新世代の拡張現実(AR)体験を開発する準備を進めましょう! Unity は Microsoft との 3 年間にわたる提携を通... さらに読む

+1 2月 26, 201910

Quality Week 2019


2月 22, 20192

Faces of Unity: Nathan St. Pierre

Nathan St. Pierre is a full-stack developer with our Cloud Services team in Bellevue, WA. From the Developer Dashboard to Unity Collaborate,... さらに読む

2月 20, 20193

Join Unity at GDC 2019 – Our biggest yet

GDC is one of the biggest game development events of the year, and it happens right in Unity SF’s backyard! Join us for a week centered on o... さらに読む

2月 19, 20195

The Obstacle Tower Challenge is live!

Three weeks ago we announced the release of the Obstacle Tower Environment, a new benchmark for Artificial Intelligence (AI) research built ... さらに読む

2月 18, 20194

Show us what is inside the Yggdrasil vault

Along with the Substance team, we are excited to announce the next Asset Store challenge, the Inside the Vault: Unity 3D Environment Art Con... さらに読む

2月 15, 20192

Unity の確率論的プロシージャル・テクスチャー生成

大きなサーフェスを覆ったり、細かなディテールをメッシュに追加する際に、タイル化されたテクスチャーを使ってみたことはあるでしょうか?使ったことがある方なら、タイリングの値を高くした途端に反復パターンが目立ってしまう現象をご存知でしょう。Unity Labs では、この問題を回避する... さらに読む

+1 2月 14, 201935

Creating an Interactive Vertex Effect using Shader Graph

We created an example interactive vertex displacement effect with Shader Graph and the Lightweight Render Pipeline to help you use these fea... さらに読む

+1 2月 12, 201919