Hey Developers, You’re Awesome

3月 17, 201510

Man it’s been a great couple of weeks for Unity and many of you in the community. We launched Unity 5, announced some great changes to our p... さらに読む

Getting Started in Unity 5.0

3月 16, 201527

Now that Unity 5.0 is here, many of you have been asking what is actually in Unity 5.0 and how best to learn it. We have a few ways of getti... さらに読む


3月 5, 201534

GDCのエデュケーションブレックファーストにて、教育に関する私たちの新たな研究開発の取り組みを紹介すると同時に、高等学校および中学校向けの新しい助成プログラムを開始しました。この助成プログラムは、教職員の方々が対話型アプリケーションやゲーム開発の授業を行うにあたって、そのコースの... さらに読む

Unity 5 Launch

3月 3, 2015125

Unity 5 is here. For everyone. Today is the big day. We’re launching Unity 5 globally.  Today.  Yes, you can all download it now. There ar... さらに読む

Unity at GDC 2015

2月 27, 201519

GDC is nearly upon us! It’s crazy hectic getting ready for such a big show but always an incredibly exciting week where we get to meet with ... さらに読む

Remastering Republique: The Journey to Unity 5

2月 26, 20154

Greetings, fellow Unity developers! We are Camouflaj, a game studio based near Seattle, WA. We are the folks behind République, an episodic ... さらに読む

Gorgeous Arch-Viz in Unity 5

2月 24, 201528

Is it possible to dial up the quality level in Unity 5 high enough to make high-end architectural visualizations? In response Alex Lovett a... さらに読む

Nordic Game Jam 2015

2月 20, 20154

A couple of weeks ago, several of us from the Unity Copenhagen office took part in the Nordic Game Jam . With around 730 participants, it's ... さらに読む

Unity 4.6.3: Metal rendering support and update of IL2CPP for iOS

2月 19, 201542

Today we shipped the public release of Unity 4.6.3. You can get it on our download page. With this release, we’re bringing iOS Metal renderi... さらに読む


2月 18, 201535

Unity 5 の開発期間中、Unity では社内で Viking Village プロジェクトをシェーディングとライティングのワークフローのテスト環境として使用してきました。 Unity 5 ベータ版をお使いの方は、アセットストアから Viking Village パッケージ... さらに読む

Production workflow improvements

2月 17, 201532

The upcoming release of Unity 5.0 has a myriad of new features coming. It also includes a number of improvements to workflows and production... さらに読む

Pollen VR: Developing high-end visuals with Unity 5

2月 16, 201510

More stories from the adventures of an EMEA field engineer! Today, I wanted to share with you the development of Pollen VR. Mindfield Games ... さらに読む

A Love Letter from Unity

2月 13, 201530

Valentine’s Day is coming up. This is a day for bestowing your Loved One with roses and expressing your feelings. The Unity Engine has not f... さらに読む