The Players Journey

10月 13, 20149

We all want to be heroes (or villains). To be the leading character in our own stories is an important aspect of playing the games we love, ... さらに読む

Universal Fighting Engine: Building a business on the Asset Store

10月 9, 201411

Daniel Esteves is an Asset Store publisher who is all in. His assets are not a byproduct of his game development process. He actually enjoys... さらに読む

Benchmarking Unity performance in WebGL

10月 7, 201451

One exciting new platform we are currently working to support is WebGL. WebGL is unique when it comes to performance: all code needs to be c... さらに読む

In the Labs: Custom Build Configurations

10月 2, 201447

"In the Labs" is a series of blog posts that put focus on features that have been prototyped internally but are experimental in nature and a... さらに読む

The hobbyist and the Asset Store – success with Stealth

9月 30, 201421

Set yourself a goal. You have a year to make a game by working on your own in your spare time. How far can you get? After 15 months, Nicola... さらに読む

The new QA mini site

9月 25, 20148

The QA mini site is a one stop place for our blogs, our public test suites, the Unity Test Tools and the patch releases. You will be able to... さらに読む

Unity Universal Cyberport Project — A Stepping Stone to Success in the Chinese Market

9月 24, 20142

Right after Unite, we signed an agreement with the local government of the Putuo district of Shanghai that will create a lot of opportunitie... さらに読む

Unity developers shine at Ludum Dare 30

9月 23, 20144

The history of the Ludum Dare development contest arguably stretches back to the dawn of game jams. The inaugural Ludum Dare took place w... さらに読む

Expanded Oculus Rift Support in Unity

9月 20, 201465

More awesome news today as Brendan Iribe, during his Oculus Connect conference keynote, announced that our two companies have extended our p... さらに読む

Global Illumination in Unity 5

9月 18, 201465

Unity 5 is receiving a major make-over in terms of graphical fidelity and lighting in particular. Unity has been limited to baked lightmaps ... さらに読む

Great News for PlayStation Developers!

9月 17, 201429

(Edit: There have been a few questions about the Pro nature of these tools. To clarify, it is not necessary to own Unity Pro to take advanta... さらに読む

Getting Started as a Contributor to our Open-Source Projects

9月 16, 201416

Unity and Open-Source Last month at Unite, we announced our Open-Source initiative, where we will be opening the source to various componen... さらに読む

Unite 2014 Wrap Up

9月 9, 20147

Change is constant in such a fast-paced industry and we’re working hard to keep up to meet your needs (hopefully in some cases, even predict... さらに読む