2013 Unity Awards Open Nominations is umm… Open

5月 7, 20133

It’s that time of year again! With Unite 2013 fast approaching in Vancouver, it’s time to start thinking about the 2013 Unity Awards as well... さらに読む

How four indie teams got funded with Kickstarter: Part I

5月 3, 20134

The current Kickstarter landscape is crowded with spectacular successes and a fair share of dashed hopes. Launching your own funding project... さらに読む

Report from Korea: the rapid rise of Unity’s star in mobile development

5月 2, 20139

Let’s start with some numbers—big numbers. It’s forecasted that in 2013 the market will increase by 470%, from 231.8M USD in 2012 to 1090.9M... さらに読む

Vitalise your game development at Unite Nordic

4月 29, 20137

This May 21 – 22, we’re throwing the first Unite Nordic, a regional Unity developers’ conference in Malmo, Sweden. It’s an event we’re parti... さらに読む

Sunsetting Flash

4月 23, 2013139

As of today, we will stop selling Flash deployment licenses.  We will continue to support our existing Flash customers throughout the 4.x cy... さらに読む

Sign up for early access to the Unity BlackBerry add-on open beta

4月 19, 201312

Do you want to see how your Unity-authored content looks on a new mobile platform with powerful global reach? Then pre-register for our Unit... さらに読む

Mobile Hardware Statistics (and more)

4月 7, 201319

Short summary: Unity’s hardware stats page now has a “mobile” section. Which is exactly what it says, hardware statistics of people playing ... さらに読む

Unity 4 Beta program for Windows Phone 8 apps

3月 27, 201325

I’m very proud to announce the launch of the Unity 4 open beta for Windows Phone 8 apps! We welcome any experienced Unity developer to enrol... さらに読む

Unity and Facebook are now in a Relationship … and it’s Awesome!

3月 26, 201361

The Unity Web Player is the best way to get games into players’ hands, and currently installed on over 200M computers. Facebook is a great w... さらに読む

This is big: Unity coming to Sony consoles this year

3月 21, 201350

In our tireless march towards world domination (okay, perhaps merely game industry domination), we’re proud to announce that we’ve just ente... さらに読む

Learn Unity launches

3月 19, 201346

Today we announce the launch of the new Learn area of the Unity site. In Phase I this comprises our Documentation, an all new Tutorial area,... さらに読む

Unity at GDC 2013

3月 19, 20137

Of course, things weren’t always like this here at Unity. We’ve come a long way since we first exhibited 7 years ago. Back in 2007, we had a... さらに読む

4.1 Graphics Features

3月 15, 201317

Hi people, I just thought I would take a few minutes to explain some of the new graphics features they we have going into Unity 4.1 so th... さらに読む