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Google’s Resonance Audio: High-fidelity sound across mobile & desktop

11月 6, 201714

Google’s new Resonance Audio SDK for Unity lets you render hundreds of simultaneous 3D sound sources in the highest fidelity for your XR, 3D... さらに読む


8月 25, 2016

ゲームを引き立ててくれるサウンドを楽しく使いこなしてゲームの面白さをワンランクアップしよう! 「面白いゲームが出来上がった!いいサウンドを付けて引き締めよう!」 「サウンドを入れたら物足りなさが吹き飛んだ!」 RPGモノなら戦闘シーン、ボス戦だけでなく街やフィールドを歩いて... さらに読む

Unleashing Animation and Audio

4月 13, 201621

Wayne Johnson and I have presented the Playable API at GDC 2016 and we would like to share with you what we have talked about. The Playable... さらに読む

Case Study: Usability Testing the Audio Mixer

5月 11, 2015

In a previous blog post, “Testing the Audio Mixer”, the Audio Mixer was discussed from a Software Test Engineering point of view. In this bl... さらに読む

Testing the Audio Mixer

2月 12, 20155

Some of you might be wondering what a Software Test Engineer actually does. Testing is a creative process, where the most important delivera... さらに読む

APM Music – A whole new world of music on the Asset Store

12月 2, 201443

Introducing APM Music! For over a decade, APM Music have been the go-to music resource for AAA game publishers and developers, providing a c... さらに読む

The Sound Engineer and the Asset Store

11月 27, 201421

Eric “Dok” Wager is a French sound engineer with almost twenty years of experience in music and French cinema. Currently, he provides intera... さらに読む

Mixing Sweet Beats in Unity 5.0

7月 24, 201434

One of the big areas of focus for Unity 5.0 has definitely been in audio. After a quiet period of feature development in this area, we have ... さらに読む