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New year, new Ad formats

1月 24, 20193

In October, we released our most comprehensive monetization solution to date, Monetization SDK 3.0. It’s the first SDK we’ve released that g... さらに読む

Unity’s Operate Dashboard: How to measure, monitor and optimize your free-to-play game for success

10月 12, 20185

As a game developer, your ultimate goal is to create an innovative, engaging, and fun experience for your players. This process requires not... さらに読む

Just in time for the holidays – How to get the most out of currency sales

12月 7, 20164

Rewarded video ads can be an effective way to generate revenue for your mobile game. In fact, if you design ad implementations well and offe... さらに読む

From game hobbyist to thriving mobile game studio

10月 25, 201611

Majid Khosravi had been a gamer his whole adult life. Developing software was just something he did for a living. That is, until he began to... さらに読む