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モバイルゲームで成功するためのコツまとめ(Unite Austin講演動画)

11月 20, 2017

2017年10月にアメリカのオースティンで開催された「Unite Austin 2017」で、マネタイゼーションに関する講演があり、その録画が先日公開されました。 約30分ほどのハーフセッションではありましたが、内容が濃く要点が上手くまとまっていたので、ブログ記事で... さらに読む

Unity Ads Platform Update: Integration Tutorials

8月 22, 20169

Hi all! The Unity Ads team has been hard at work on the next release of our platform, and it’s now and available for use! Download now in ... さらに読む

How Game Hive keeps on buzzing – and experiences real success

7月 12, 201611

Game Hive has been pioneering the new era of mobile gaming since 2008. Starting with just two co-founders, Game Hive has now grown into a th... さらに読む

How Next Games unlocked the secret to ad success

5月 19, 20164

'You can’t put ads in a battle builder,' Next Games' peers told them. 'No one’s ever done it and it will never work.' This was the general m... さらに読む

Best practices for rewarded video ads

4月 20, 201611

A recent study, “In-Game Advertising the Right Way: Monetize, Engage, Retain” which emerged from a survey of over 2,000 mobile game develope... さらに読む

Design-Driven In App Purchases: Creating Sustainable Monetization

6月 23, 201511