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1月 15, 201528


Crossy Road and Unity Ads

1月 13, 201516

UPDATE: Now at $3 million At our GDC event, we were proud to announce that the iOS version of Crossy Road has earned over $3 million with U... さらに読む

Magical moments: What the Everyplay acquisition means for developers

7月 14, 201418

As a veteran of online, mobile and console games services I've become used to the idea of change; mostly from sitting on the sometimes uncom... さらに読む

Welcome Playnomics to the Unity Family!

4月 18, 20145

We’re incredibly proud of our engine and development tools. We’re so pleased with where they are and where they’re going, that it would be e... さらに読む

Breaking news: welcoming Everyplay and GameAds to the Unity family!

3月 13, 201431

That’s how we find ourselves here today, announcing that Unity is acquiring Applifier in order to integrate its incredible Everyplay and Gam... さらに読む

Unity and Kii Cloud Team Up for the Love of the Game

1月 7, 2014

(This guest blog post comes from our online service partner, Kii) With Kii, game developers get a fast and scalable backend, powerful... さらに読む

Game Metrics: Their True Nature and What You Shouldn’t Live Without

12月 5, 20137

Facts about Christian: Favorite games: Old-school shooters, mostly Quake 1, Team Fortress, and Bioshock Favorite GA tool: Heatmaps Favori... さらに読む

Announcing Unity Cloud and our mobile ads service

8月 30, 201312

What is Unity Cloud? Unity Cloud is a suite of cloud services that empowers game developers to build, market and operate compelling multipla... さらに読む

Unity Launches the Unlimited Mixamo Animation Store

10月 16, 201224

Unity and Mixamo have been long time partners, and I'm happy to say that today our collaboration goes one step further: Starting October 16t... さらに読む