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Game of Sites: Unity Between Five Kingdoms

8月 30, 20174

Prologue In the beginning, there were many houses. Though they began life at the same time, they were in different parts of the land, and t... さらに読む

Feature Highlight: Unity Teams

6月 28, 201737

Collaborate is out of beta and joins Cloud Build as part of a new offering called Unity Teams -- a single solution that provides Unity users... さらに読む

Hackers, InterWebz, and Fish Tacos

2月 22, 20174

In the harsh chill of a San Diego February... Well, it was a little drizzly and we couldn't wear shorts (most of the time). Anyway... 1... さらに読む

Global Game Jam直前!参加前に見ておくと役に立つかもしれないリンク集

1月 19, 2017

来る1月20〜22日は年に一度、世界最大のゲームジャム「Global Game Jam 2017」が開催されます! 毎年、このイベントを楽しみにしているゲームデベロッパーはたくさんいると思います。なにせ、48時間の間にたくさんのことを学ぶことができ、次に自分が何を学ぶべきか... さらに読む

Just in time for the holidays – How to get the most out of currency sales

12月 7, 20164

Rewarded video ads can be an effective way to generate revenue for your mobile game. In fact, if you design ad implementations well and offe... さらに読む

From game hobbyist to thriving mobile game studio

10月 25, 201611

Majid Khosravi had been a gamer his whole adult life. Developing software was just something he did for a living. That is, until he began to... さらに読む

アドテック東京2016 ミニセミナーの見るべきポイントまとめ

9月 19, 2016

こんにちは! Unityの鎌田です。 9月20日(火)から東京・有楽町で開催されるアジア最大規模のマーケティングカンファレンス「アドテック東京」にて、ユニティ・テクノロジーズ・ジャパンは今年もブース出展をいたします。 【アドテック東京2016】 日時:2016... さらに読む

How Game Hive keeps on buzzing – and experiences real success

7月 12, 201611

Game Hive has been pioneering the new era of mobile gaming since 2008. Starting with just two co-founders, Game Hive has now grown into a th... さらに読む

Stoking the fire: Heatmaps Rekindled

6月 29, 201616

The heat is on! Last year, Unity Analytics released our beta version of the Heatmap system. It arose from a hack week project, which itself... さらに読む

Best practices for rewarded video ads

4月 20, 201611

A recent study, “In-Game Advertising the Right Way: Monetize, Engage, Retain” which emerged from a survey of over 2,000 mobile game develope... さらに読む

Ad engagement sending Futureplay’s revenue through the roof

3月 14, 201610

“Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Unity’s great tools," says Jami Laes, Co-founder and CEO of Futureplay while looking back o... さらに読む

Showing ads in your game to make money

2月 2, 201519

A game’s success isn’t determined only by how innovative or popular it is, but also by how effectively it can financially support its creato... さらに読む

An introduction to advertising

1月 20, 201520

Welcome to the big bad world of advertising. As a game developer, advertising can be a little overwhelming. How do I make money? How do I ac... さらに読む