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The Blacksmith FAQ & Unity’s Demo Team

6月 11, 201516

Since showing our short film The Blacksmith at GDC 2015 in March, we've received many questions from our community. Here we introduce the te... さらに読む

Getting Started in Unity 5.0

3月 16, 201527

Now that Unity 5.0 is here, many of you have been asking what is actually in Unity 5.0 and how best to learn it. We have a few ways of getti... さらに読む


2月 18, 201535

Unity 5 の開発期間中、Unity では社内で Viking Village プロジェクトをシェーディングとライティングのワークフローのテスト環境として使用してきました。 Unity 5 ベータ版をお使いの方は、アセットストアから Viking Village パッケージ... さらに読む