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Unity Web Playerのロードマップについて

10月 8, 201597

2013年の終盤、GoogleはChromeブラウザーにおける (Unity Web Playerのような) NPAPIプラグインの非推奨化とサポート終了のプランを発表しました。さて、そして2015年9月になりましたが、GoogleはNPAPIプラグインサポートを削除した Chr... さらに読む

Security Update Coming for Web Player

6月 6, 201516

Following the discovery of a security issue in the Unity Web Player plugin that can allow an attacker to use a victim’s credentials to read ... さらに読む

Web Publishing Following Chrome NPAPI Deprecation

5月 28, 201542

With Google about to complete the deprecation of NPAPI support in their Chrome browser, we’ve been receiving some questions about what the b... さらに読む

The future of Web publishing in Unity – an update

10月 28, 201435

In the fall of 2013 Google announced their plans to discontinue NPAPI support in the Google Chrome browser by the end of 2014. The NPAPI is ... さらに読む

On the future of Web publishing in Unity

4月 29, 201493

A few weeks ago at GDC, we announced support for WebGL publishing for Unity 5. Now I'd like to share some more information on what this is a... さらに読む

Unity Web Player installs fueled by gaming site Kongregate

6月 16, 201316

Of the over 220 million users who’ve installed Unity Web Player since the plug-in launched in 2005, many accessed it through Kongregate. Go... さらに読む

Web Player runtime update alert

5月 8, 20132

Unity 4.0 added the new release channels function to the Unity Web Player plugin; this function gives us more fine-grained control over runt... さらに読む

Unity and Facebook are now in a Relationship … and it’s Awesome!

3月 26, 201361

The Unity Web Player is the best way to get games into players’ hands, and currently installed on over 200M computers. Facebook is a great w... さらに読む

Testing your web player content against the latest Unity runtime versions

11月 29, 20128

When we release new versions of Unity, we also update the Unity Web Player to contain the latest Unity runtime. This means that users who ne... さらに読む