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With our recent iPhone announcement having my mailbox boiling over, I’m so happy that I’ll be spending a long weekend in Berlin. I’m flying out to Berlin Wednesday evening to meet up with my whole family – arriving from London, Reykjavik, and Halle – and to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, eat good food, and have intense conversations about what we are up to.

If course I’ll take the time to meet with a few interesting companies while I’m there – amongst others, people doing hardware instead of software… I’ve met so few of those, it’s going to be exciting to learn about their no-doubt very different business models, and see where Unity can be a fit.

So, anyone else I should be meeting up with? As I’ve written before, the authorized way to meet up in foreign cities is

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  1. Eric Wahlforss

    4월 29, 2008 2:09 오전

    Auch, missed this. i’m based in berlin these days you know… added you on dopplr now.

  2. Martin Schultz

    4월 1, 2008 1:25 오후

    Oh, too bad you don’t stop by in Hamburg, just checked your route on Dopplr. If you ever do, I’d like to meet you here! :-)