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Oh man, after months of hard work we’re finally able to announce a release date, pricing & licensing information and some background on features for Unity iPhone Publishing! I know that it’s been a long wait for folks out there in the community that have been thirsting for news and even more, the functionality, so thanks for hanging in there. Now all you have to do is wait a few more weeks and you too will be able to get your hands on Unity iPhone Publishing yourself, rawr! Read more:

Unity iPhone Publishing

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  1. Cool!, thanks for the speedy reply.

  2. Drop us a line at and we’ll set you up. Do note that you need to be an iPhone developer with the iPhone SDK installed ( or else the build will be useless. So get that sorted if you haven’t already then write us to request a trial!

  3. I’m very interested in the iPhone publishing feature but as I haven’t used Unity before is there any way I can play/test it from within the 30 day demo version..?

  4. Of course not!

  5. I trust the Mac edition(s) of Unity won’t be neglected come a Windows release? :)

  6. Jerry: we are in development with Unity for Windows already! Also, it’s Mac, not MAC, unless you’re shouting. :P

  7. Will there be a Windows version of Unity? Or would I have to buy a MAC?