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As most of the Unity universe already knows, we recently announced that Unity 2.5 is coming soon, and that among other new features it will most prominently include Unity editor support on Windows. In case you live in a cave or are otherwise out of the loop with respect to Unity news:

Unity: Coming Soon in Unity 2.5

I think it goes without saying that this has caused an incredible stir amongst the game developer community and it’s caused a lot of new eyeballs to look our way. For those of us working on Unity it’s an incredible time to say the least and all signs seem to indicate that this year’s roller coaster ride is just getting started…

Email, IMs, Skype, You name it!
Being as I’m the one that sends out our announcement emails, and I help monitor our pre-sales queue, I can say that without a doubt the announcement that Unity 2.5 is coming soon has generated more email volume than anything before it. And please note, I say that after being buried in iPhone emails twice last year (once when we announced we were working on it, then again at release time)! On top of all that I’m one to reasonably broadcast things like my IM and Skype handles, which means that I can’t be on either of those for more than a few minutes without getting pinged for info, there’s no rest for the weary. The volume has been incredible and that’s a good thing as we want customers, we want interest in Unity, so the huge piles of messages to attend to are being tackled with vigor and a touch of glee. :)

Community Explosion!
In addition to lots of direct contact, a quick cruising of the Unity Community Forums shows that our community is growing quickly and a lot of the new users and post volume is coming from folks interested in Unity 2.5. That of course includes existing and potential Mac users that want to get their hands on the new release, and naturally a fleet of new users coming into the fold as they wait for Unity to arrive on Windows. For sure the “vibe” in our community will change with all the new bodies but in the end it’s a good thing to have more game developers on board, sharing creative ideas and making cool content.

We’re all working incredibly hard (I’m at the tail end of a 15 hour day) as we want Unity 2.5 to see the light of day as soon as possible. We really believe that Unity 2.5 and our introduction on Windows will be a “game changing” event, pun intended! So to everyone out there waiting on Unity 2.5 I can only ask that you hang in there, it’s coming soon…

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I can’t wait for this update. I’m scraping up money now to buy the pro version as soon as it comes out =P. Keep up the good work guys, but don’t keep us waiting too long x_x.

I cant wait for this because I don’t have a mac that can run the current unity as well as I would hope, but with windows my dreams have come true. I am a game modeler wanting to try his hands at development. I have Unreal for mods but I need something I can call home. Unity seems like the program for me. Please release soon while I still have some cash on hand.
Thank you unity3d team for the windows version and good luck to you for the future.

@joatic: yes those are text-boxes into which you can enter values by hand! But with that in mind, no you still cannot set a brush to be larger than 100 AFAIK (that’s still a clamped maximum value).

We use Unity on Mac, but I’m really excited to be able to run it on Windows as well. Unfortunately Maya’s stability on mac leaves much to be desired. If only it were as stable as Unity.

And a question…. are those text-boxes I see in the Terrain editor???? Does this mean I can finally make a brush bigger than 100? And I can manually set my height to an exact number? I think I might start weeping.

@King InuYasha: any moves to support Linux would almost certainly come via the player (stand-alone and web) first, then possibly authoring. But either way we have nothing to offer publicly on that front at this time, for now let’s focus on Unity 2.5 and Windows authoring. :)

i think a linux web player would be nice but the editor itself don’t need to be ported because there is not a big market share for linux users and most of them don’t have the money or they are just server administrators that have nothing to do with unity!!!

but it’s up to developers

What about making Unity3D work on Linux too? You guys already have it working on Mac OS X, and since you guys do use Mono, you should be able to make Linux versions available relatively easily!

I am another torque fan ready to switch. Try as I might I am only a mediocre programmer. I can script with guidance. This looks like the engine for me. Ill be one of those that buys 2.5 the first day.

Yea, I can’t wait and see how great Unity is. I have been playing around with the toruqe engine for the last 1 1/2 years but never really did much with it as the documentation was not the great(I mean there is a lot but a lot of it is scattered in hard to find places). I am going to see what I can turn out(with my limited 3d modeling/animation skill) in 30 days. I hate the waiting but I rather see it get released without any big bugs or stuff like that.

i am one of the beta users and i have unity currently in my hands it’s amazing!!!

you will kill director and silverlight kill flash in this year!!! :D

I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on the Windows version! In fact I have the money in my hands as I hit the refresh button on the store page.

You guys are about to make a killing!

I am sure this is very exciting for the whole lot of you at Unity. I am eager to be a contributing part of this community.

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