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Yes, it’s true, we’ve done it. Yesterday we shipped Unity 2.5 which among other things finally offers support for Unity authoring on Mac OS X and Windows! From the announcement email I sent out (as company front-man):

Today we are extremely happy to announce the release of Unity 2.5. For the first time Unity development is now available for use on both Mac OS X and Windows! True cross-platform development with Unity has now been realized. This has been an enormous project that has taken well over a year to complete, it’s a release that we’re very proud of having accomplished. What’s more is that during this effort we’ve also nearly doubled in size as a company and so there is a lot more on the way, it’s going to be an exciting year!

While a key feature of this release is in fact the introduction of authoring support on Windows it’s worth noting that we put a lot of work into general editor improvements that all content authors can take advantage of. What that means is that this is a significant release for both our existing users and all those potential new users waiting to try Unity for the first time. Here is the high-level overview of what you’ll find in Unity 2.5:

  • Windows editor support
  • An all new tabbed, and fully customizable authoring interface
  • 3DS Max support on Windows (ala our Maya support on Mac OS X)
  • New and improved scene navigation and object placement tools
  • Google Chrome support
  • and more…

I don’t want to repeat too much information here as we have a bunch on our site already. Check out the what’s new page we have posted:

What’s New in Unity 2.5

Both existing users and those wanting to evaluate Unity can download the latest installer from our trial download page:

Trial Download

Or you can of course just cut to the chase and buy now by visiting our online store:

Buy Unity

It goes without saying that these are some exciting times for both Unity Technologies and the awesome community we have around us. And 2009 is just gettin’ started!

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Been fiddling around with many of the engines “out there” and I have never seen one with such a smooth pipeline. It works flawless. Bringing a max model into a scene required almost no knowlegde compared to “build a rocket” feeling with the quake series engines. Getting phys working was so easy that I though I missed something. Only complain is the trial status as I will never produce a product, only samples and info so 30 days to learn a new scripting language and object model is a bit harsh, but no complains as its truely a bless to work with. Even for limited time. I even considered reinstalling WindowsXP as I missed a week of the trial being busy at work.
I know thats cheating but Hey! Im in love:)
Thank you for bringing it to Windows.

@Aras: well, that sucks. Unity3D seemed like a good option too. Really, I was considering referring Unity3D to others because I thought that full-fledged Linux support would be soon available because of this. Meh, I guess I’ll look elsewhere.

@King: Mono/C# is used for the user interface. The engine itself is C++, and large parts of the editor (like the asset pipeline) are in C++. Porting that to a new platform is never easy.

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@Tom Higgins: If the IDE was remade using C#, then you could just use Mono to build a Linux version of your IDE, right? The Unity engine uses Mono already, right? So it is just a matter of recompiling to use Mono on Linux.

@Stephan: no, we don’t have any plans nor notions of bringing the authoring tool to Linux as the cost/benefit ratio is simply not there. The player is a different situation and so you may see that, but for now a Linux editor just doesn’t seem in the cards.

Nice to see windows support. Any thoughts about a linux editor version? I think that would lead to a game explosion on linux :)
Cheers, Stephan


my 2.1 trial expired and now I can not play your new 2.5 trial …

How can I do ???
I’ve not used the 2.1 trial because I’m evaluating also the garagegames TGEA … I’ve installed the 2.1 trial but I’ve not used it :-(

How can I do to try your 2.5 version on my mac ???

Thank you.

thank you tom
@peter, we all love unity guys, some of them are special guys and they love their community too!!!

Thanks Peter, needless to say this release is causing quite a stir and bringing a ton of people our way… :)

Ashkan: as per the asset importing feature page the import of Maya files, or the import of Max files, requires either export to FBX manually, or the use of Unity and either tool on the same machine. Once you have the file inside your project then you can move it about between operating systems no problem.

i will try it soon and i will buy unity when i have the money!!!
the web wil explode!!!!

keep on working
you are crazy great guys
speacially you are awesome guy!

does mac support max files? does windows support maya files?

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