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As Unity Technologies continues to grow in size one of those things we have an increasing need for is office space. Out here in San Francisco that need has been high for quite some time and finally this week we secured a new office and moved into it just this week! For now the office is a bit on the drab side, it’s a turn-key office that came with standard desks/chairs/etc., but that won’t last long as we’re definitely going to tweak it to suit our own tastes. Questions rage like what console system to get, what sort of couch and lounge area to have, what nerf weapons might be appropriate, etc. But no matter what it’s cool to have new digs and I think we’re gonna be happy here for months to come… w00t! If you’re in town for WWDC next week then let me know as we’re just a block away!

Here are a few extra pictures for those that want to see them. Remember, we’ve just moved in so hang on to any crits about the workspace, m’kay? :)

img_2722welcome to the jungle…

img_2721the office interior, conference room on the right…

img_2719naturally the demo team peeps were the first to make toys appear

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  1. Oh,New office,I want go!!

  2. @Sean: funny enough, I get a really bad AT&T signal in our office, go figure.

    @Kevin: you’ve got (e)mail!

  3. Howdy Unity guys,

    I’m the iPhone developer at Pinch Media; we make analytics for iPhone apps. I just got a support request from a Unity user who’s uncomfortable in Xcode and wants to integrate Pinch Analytics. I’m sitting here at WWDC and would love to meet you guys, check out a demo app, try dropping our analytics in and write a tutorial for Unity users who want our stuff in their apps. I’ll send a message to with my phone number (too shy to post it publicly), or just grab me if you see me – I’m wearing our Pinch Media logo on my man-purse and both sides of my WWDC badge, and I’m tall with funky glasses. And cowboy boots, today.

    Hope to get in touch! (Also, my ulterior motive is getting to play around with your iPhone SDK, which just looks o-so-cool :)

  4. Martin Schultz

    6월 6, 2009 8:32 오후

    Great! Next time I’m in SF I plan to stop by and say hello.

  5. Sean Baggaley

    6월 6, 2009 6:05 오후


    I assume your iPhone gets a much better signal now. :)

  6. Ashkan Saeedi

    6월 6, 2009 8:11 오전

    i hope that you enjoy working in this new office. i never was not in SF or any other city in US but i know SF is very beautiful.

    it seems that unity is making alot of money!!! congratulation!!!

  7. Thanks, I’m sure we’ll enjoy it too. And yeah, I love living/working in SF! :)

  8. Great stuff guys… I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new offices. Makes me wish I still lived in SF.