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Hi guys & gals.

I’m giving a talk about the inner workings of immediate-mode GUIs at GDC Europe tomorrow (in Cologne). Looking forward to doing it – it’s been my main Unity development area for the past 2 years, so I guess I somehow ended up being an expert on that subject :) It’s Monday at 2:10 – 3:00 PM

If any of you are there, I hope you come – and if you want to meet up in Cologne, drop me a mail or a PM on our forum, and I’ll try to squeeze you in.

7 replies on “Doing a Talk at GDC Europe tomorrow.”

Hmm, I’ve had a look at those links and I think I can see the appeal of an IMGUI but the fact remains that the rest of Unity is an object oriented system with a visual designer. This goes a long way to explaining the shock that unity developers feel when they encounter the GUI system as it stands.

I suspect that what we really need is a hybrid system. So as well being able to use an OnGUI call to specify the position of GUI elements you can also do it visually. You’d then be able to check/set the state of the element using the OnGui call or have an option to set an event.

@Jed: I think none of extreme points of view are true. IMGUI is not “the only true way”. IMGUI is not “entirely bad” either. Object Oriented is not a holy grail either (and personally I find it less and less important over time).

think there will be a video of it later ?? I hate that i’m going to miss it.. since its just too expensive :(

good luck !

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