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This past weekend was the Global Game Jam, where teams from all around the world worked tirelessly to create amazing games in a single weekend. Here in Copenhagen, the local branch of the Global Game Jam is the Nordic Game Jam that was held at the IT University of Copenhagen. The cool things about the Nordic Game Jam are that it’s the “original” jam, and Unity’s old office is inside the ITU itself! So of course we had to be there. Six of us from UT presented talks on using Unity as an Artist or a Programmer.

You may have heard about Fun Fridays here at Unity HQ. Those of us who were giving the talks thought it would be a good idea to spend some Fridays to make a small game that we could use as a visual aid. This turned out to be a great idea. We created new material to help teach new Unity users, and those of us who worked on it have a really fun game to share with friends, family, and the community! I’d like to share this game with you now… We call it Granny Theft Tofu and you can play it in the embedded webplayer below.

The goal is to get yourself to the Tofu shop and back home again before time runs out, all while causing as much traffic carnage as possible. Arrow keys will move Granny around. And there’s an easter egg in the game too; an Amiga graphics mode.  See if you can find it!

I’m incredibly happy to have helped create this game! I think everybody on the team learned something about Unity that they didn’t know before. It was also nice to sit down with Unity as a user once again, and help others learn what it is and what makes it so special. I hope you’ll all enjoy the game, and perhaps walk away inspired.

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For some reason the game didn’t loaded at my machine. I am using a MacBook and the latest Unity Plugin.

Smooth as butter. Framerate very high on my notebook (msi w/vista 32bit, 4Gb ram and dedicated graphics card). Awesome game! it was much fun just standing on the freeway watching the pile ups. :)

Thanks for the fun!

lol! 15M and 1 minute to go, framerate so slow that input is unresponsive, Granny can’t move and highway is full of cars (literally)… this last minute took about a half-hour to go through! I think I need to upgrade my computer big time if I want to beat the 29M highscore ;)
Good fun though, kudos team!

Ok … got it – patience it the key: If you overdo it in the beginning, you hit the framerate-cap. This time, my computer stopped working at around 25 Mio points (just in time) ;-)

Muahuahua … call me Terror-Granny ;-) … but hey, around 8 Mio points I got a framerate of only about 1 FPS on my Mac Pro. Did I accidentally activate the easter-egg? ;-) … and … a tragedy happened: right before my home, there was a line of cars I couldn’t pass. Well, I’ll try again and see if I can get above 8 Mio points with my machine ;-)

This game is fun. Reminds me of Frogger, only that the rules have changed. Muahuahua ;-)

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