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With more than 300,000 iPads sold on Saturday and 1,000,000 apps downloaded during Easter weekend, you must be getting eager to get your apps in front of that audience — so here is Unity iPhone 1.7 — please enjoy!

  • It’s free for existing Unity iPhone users.
  • It’s good for iPhone Basic license users.
  • It’s ready for your iPad games!


Unity iPhone 1.7Sailboat Championship PRO HD by Infinite Dreams


It’s unbelievably easy to port your iPhone app to iPad if you’re using Unity. In most cases it’s enough to scale up textures, tweak controls and select new splash screens. The latter may be the hardest part here ;-)

Unity iPhone 1.7

And a tip for non-USA guys: Unity iPhone 1.7 is good for you — even if you do not have an iPad yet — as it allows you to test your apps in the iPad Simulator! Almost two dozen iPad launch titles were made with Unity iPhone 1.7 using the simulator and approved by Apple, so get going!

Have you released any iPad apps yet? Share your success stories in comments or in our iPhone forum. We really care about your experience!

For more information check out the release notes and the press release.

16 replies on “Unity iPhone 1.7 is ready for your iPad games”

Yes. I think so too. It is to early to think about stop investing in anything Apple related

But I also think that is needed to put some effort into an open system called Android.

I don’t think Unity iPhone will cease. I think they will do it in being compatible with OS4 TOS, soon or later.

As an ActionScript developer I can totally understand you guys. You’ve put so much of you time to learn Unity to be able to develope apps for iRubbish. Same with us, but don’t you worry, Android is there to accept us with open arms. You are more than welcome to join us.

As for Unity3D (The post topic makes me sad), it is time to stop investing in anything apple related and put all the effort into an open system called Android.

@steve: Suck it up? Seriously? What are you, another Apple sheep? If content developers play the same game Apple is playing with Adobe, iP* sales will drop like flies. Their devices are nothing without content.

Actually, Android’s market share is rapidly rising, so I wouldn’t be assuming that one corporation should be able to decide what sort of content someone should be able to consume. That will only happen if people let it happen. And if it does, well, that’ll be a pretty sad day for the creative industry.

Sure Adam, you should switch to developing apps for the Zune or Andriod. What’s their market-share?

Looks, it’s Apple’s devices and they can do anything they want. Seriously people just suck it up. I’m sure the Unity group is working on a native Object-C target for their platform.

Has anyone ever done j2me games programing for Java phones? Write once debug everywhere and then try to sell your game for $7 once all the middlemen take their cut. Most of you guys have no idea easy apple has made it for you to publish games and apps for a mobile platform.

Apple’s behaviour is pretty disgusting to be honest. I don’t care how profitable the app store is we shouldn’t be supporting this behaviour.

Well, as a company I would be very, very cautious with investing anything into an erratic business like Apple. It would be a shame if all the hard work and money you invest in Unity iPhone will be wasted because of the unpredictable behavior of Steven Jobs.

@Bad news and Chris: the sky isn’t yet falling. :) This is news to us today as well and we’re now well aware of the new license agreement terms and we’re looking into all of this with vigor. So for now just sit tight while we sort things out and see how this shapes up. If/when we have some sort of information or formal statement you’ll likely find that in another blog post, as a post over on the forums ( as a news item on our site, etc.

It might be a good idea to read the updated sdk license agreement from Apple,which pretty much forbids Unity.

Sorry for the bad news, guys.

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