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Now Shipping: Unity 3.2

We are so happy to announce that Unity 3.2 is now live and available to download!

Here is a rundown of the major new features and improvements:

  • Image Effects: New Depth of Field with fantastic bokeh, improved bloom and several other image effect tweaks and fixes.
  • New Water: All new Water prefab in standard assets that includes waves, automatically generated foam on shorelines and more. It even has a full fledged editor – make those oceans come alive.
  • Graphics: Major performance improvements in OpenGL ES 2.0 (iOS/Android).
  • Shaders: Added optimized/simplified versions of some shaders under “Mobile” category (VertexLit, Bumped Specular, Skybox). They work on other platforms as well, but mobiles will see biggest gains. Bumped Specular is 5.3x faster on iPhones.
  • Shaders: Added several Unlit shaders that just display a texture with no lighting. They are the fastest textured shaders.
  • Debugger: Attaching the script debugger to (and detaching from) Unity and debugging-enabled players is now possible.
  • Profiler: you can profile standalone player builds from the Editor. This includes iOS and Android builds!
  • For a full list of all of the updates fixes and improvements, head over to the release notes.

    Or simply go directly to the download link here and get stuck in with all the cool new stuff.

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    […] one of the most popular game development tools, is now available in version 3.2. Unity is available for Windows, Mac OS and […]

    sorry the last time i was typing fast with a stupid keyboard in university and the comment was full of typos.
    pathfinding and AI/steering solutions could be good but they can be implemented by ourselves too. however new rendering systems with dx11 or MMO servers can not be implemented by us. MMO server is possible in theory but in practice it requires much.
    GUI system is not that bad. it’s like all other emmidiate GUIs
    i think having dlls in assetbundles easily is a nice feature that helps us put code and gameobjects in asset bundles completely.
    the good news is that UT is more than 70 people so they can work on great things together. just waiting for GDC and big announcements.

    I tried many game engines before,Shiva3D,UDK,Irrlicht,CrytalSpace to name a few. Recently I switched my project to Unity3D and I am very glad that I did,because it is an amazing game engine and I am going to stick with it for a long time to come.
    Thank you Unity Technologies !

    thank you UT guys. suometimes small features are much more important than major ones. he new abiliy of adding components from assemblies loaded in runtime is great. we can download code and attach it to the gameObject. i don’t know if my team and i had any impact on this. the new physics features and OnDesroy are great too. OnDesroy is grea for creating pause systems and adding/removing objects from the list. with OnDisable i was no possible to understand if the objec is destroyed or just disacivated.
    thank you again. everyday i become happier for choosing uniy. thank God!

    Great update ! :D
    And yes, please change the Unity GUI ! And please fix the garbage collector issue which currently prevent to use the built in GUI system …

    Build-in support for pathfinding (and if possible steer behaviors) and a new GUI system its a must have! Scaleform Gfx? :)

    You can see, feel and experience the amount of passion, sweat and ingenuity that went into it. Top quality. (as always)
    Thanks so much!

    Gosh!! Can’t wait to come back home to give it a try…
    You guys Rock!!!
    I never going to be tired of saying that:
    Unity3D have really change my life!!!
    Thank you So much Guys!

    I agree.
    If it comes from Unity than we know that it is good and supported and in which direction it is heading.

    @Jashan Chittesh
    No no,a good solid NavMesh based pathing solution is in fact needed.
    One created by Unity itself and officially supported by Unity itself.
    The guys at Unity know exactly what they are doing.

    Pretty awesome release – congratulations!!! I think pathfinding’s not really that necessary to have in the engine (we have AngryAnt’s solution, haven’t we? ;-) ) – but a new UI system would be reaoully kewl … and something kind of difficult to get as addon.

    When can we expect to see a demo “glimpse” of the new UI solution and the pathfinding solution ?

    Please do not fill the guys at Unity Technologies their heads with other things. Just let them concentrate on the new UI solution and pathfinding solution .

    This has been a great update in our tests. A great work around for master server issues.

    Pathfinding and UI are solved problems and there are a couple good solutions in the community, right?

    The one thing that would make these transitions easier would be a full breakdown of which method names and method privacy have changed and the recommended way to port; but all in all, rather painless on a very big code base.

    @Jason Amstrad

    I searched for “UI” “ui system” “pathfind” both in google and in this blog’s search function, and no relevant blog posts appear.

    Neither do I see anything in the first 4 pages of this blog.

    Do you have a link?

    The current UI system is just terrible. If they are thinking of redesigning it, I would very much like to know some details. That would be my #1 feature request actually.

    @Nicholas Francis
    are the new version 3.2 effects integrated in the bootcamp demo that ships with unity ?

    @Jason Amstrad , @Nathali Abbortini .

    What are you guys talking about,this new ui system and pathfinding stuff ?

    @Jason Amstrad
    I hope they post a preview video demo about those upcoming things,so that we can see what those things are going to look like.

    This is great and all (the Unity 3.2 release).
    Now tell us a bit more about the upcoming “new UI system” and “pathfinding” system.

    Thanks, Unity… for teaching me the word “bokeh!” Turns out it is nothing at all to do with what a cat would say.

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