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This page gives an overview of the default Unity Hotkeys

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  1. @Ashkan
    Is any way to set a hotkey to view? For example press f to set view to front in scenewindow.

  2. Nice cheat! have it printed out and affixed to wall. suggestion: you forgot Surface snap Shift-Cmd-LMB and should differentiate from Unit Snap! Thanks

  3. @ unitor
    Nice question ;)

    @ Will Goldstone
    Good news

  4. @unitor

    Yes we are working on a large list of tutorials that is coming soon.

  5. @DanJ
    some of the keys are modifiable in Edit/Preferences in Keys tab of the preferences window.
    for others you should write simple editor script menus which have your hotkey. then in the menu’s function just execute the menu you want
    for example do this in js

    static function DoIt()

    now with ctrl+g (%g) you can execute the build command. the drawback is that you’ll see the hotkey menu in your menu bar but maybe there is another way to do this that i forgot. for more information about assigning shortkeys to menus see the [MenuItem] in Editor classes of the scripting reference.

    hope this helps

  6. is there a way of customising hotkeys? such as photoshop etc…

  7. nice:)
    are you guys working on any more cool tutorials ?