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Last week, after a successful public beta, we shipped Unity 3.5. Thank you to the 50,000+ beta users who helped make this one of our best releases to date.

This free update represents another massive expansion of the capabilities of your favorite game engine. Some of the highlights include:

  • Completely redesigned particle system “Shuriken”: A lot more power and configurability at better performance with great new tools.
  • Another iteration of Umbra occlusion culling – delivering higher quality at much better baking speeds.
  • Brand new level of detail system – allowing you to easily tweak your runtime workload without compromising results.
  • New HDR and linear space lighting options – facilitating awesome visuals by giving you those all important tweakables.
  • Google Chrome Native Client deployment: Webplayers no longer require a plugin install to run in Google Chrome.
  • Built-in pathfinding and local navigation: Quickly bake a NavMesh in the editor and use it for player or AI navigation with runtime avoidance.

For a list of the more than 400 new features and improvements in Unity 3.5, check out the release notes.

Flash Public Preview

Even though 3.5 has shipped, we are continuing the public preview of our upcoming Flash Publishing license — all Unity 3.5 users can access this build target.

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Daniel: You’re in luck. Go to the asset store and grab ‘strumpys shader editor’ it’s free. There’s also multiple paid cinematic and kismet like things (eg PlayMaker)

@Jason Amstrad: I was dreaming for that too!! If Unity had a cinematic editor with things like driving face bone animation from a spoken audio file… I would purchase Unity pro for SURE.

Node based shader creation and something similar to Kismet would be great too…just dreamig haha :)

[…] bereits am 14.2.2012 veröffentlichte Unity 3.5 wurde auch auf der Game Developers Conference in San Francisco ausführlich präsentiert. Neben […]

@Jason Amstrad : That is exactly what I asked in the survey I received from Unity in my email box. I am curious to what the Montreal company that was purchased to become Unity3d Montreal has up its sleeve. We really need to have something for the technical artists to work the animations of the games themselves. For now that area takes somewhat a dev burden that we could use to actually do real gameplay. Since UDK has these tools, I guess its a matter of time till we get it. I have been patient with Unity and it has paid alot in the last 2 years, they seem to roll out everything we need so : Keep up the good work !

What is the future of the navigation system? What are the features in the near future coming down the line for it?


I forgot to thank you for the ability to edit multiple objects in the inspector. While it doesn’t work with everything (i.e. audio files), it’s a huge timesaver. Being able to change the scale, position, tag, and material of 30 objects at the same time is pretty awesome!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
We’ve been waiting for the meta files ever since we first started using unity!!
Thank you!

3.5 is a huge and great addition to unity. with the animation features that hopefully we’ll know more about in at GDC time unity is becomming more and more suitable for AAA development but even for smaller projects these new text based formats are more than awesome. Haven’t played with shuriken yet because it can lead to death if you don’t know how to play =)

nice job guys!

and the most wanted unity feature, block every comment/post that has the name fluid simulation in it. the feature can add realism but these comments are becomming …

@Curious: I agree, the documentation team (manual, scripting reference, tutorials, …) has to catch up with the development team. Also I think a bit reorganizing of Support > Documentation and Support > Resources and VideoCentral etc. could not hurt.

Well done UT, we’re happy customers (but don’t take it for granted!)

You know, you should write an in depth tutorial for completely new stuff (in Unity3D) like HDR and the correct way to do it in Unity

As a teacher I can say that my students will be very happy with the inclusion of support for external version control in the Free(!) Edition… that is if I read the change log correctly:
-Generic external version control (.meta files) is now available in the free version.
-Text-based scene and prefab format can be used for improving team workflows. This can be turned on or off in the Editor Settings for each project.

Or am I missing something?

In my opinion, Unity3.5 establish a real and noticable difference between Unity and Unity Pro. I was not too happy not to be able to test the navigationMesh but I guess it is only fair. Might be another reason for me to consider investing in Unity Pro I guess.
These latest tool are too awesome.
But on the other hand I still do not know why people are so exited about Flash player 11 support as all examples found on the net run at 15Frames/Secondes on my machine where the unity Webplayer run so smoothly.
Long life for Unity and all his crew.

The only two that I’ve really played with are Shuriken and the pathfinding, and they are wonderful. I need to learn more about how to make projects work within NaCl… straight exporting of existing projects has usually given errors.

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